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Upgrading FileCatalyst Webmail
Posted by Greg Pettit on 18 December 2007 06:08 PM

This article describes the entire base upgrade process when upgrading an existing FileCatalyst Webmail installation. It assumes that FileCatalyst Webmail is deployed on Apache Tomcat. Note that there are additional instructions for upgrading from 3.5.3 to 3.5.4 and above. If you are already at 3.5.4+, those additional instructions may be disregarded.

New License Key. Upgrading from version 3.x.x to 4.x.x will require a new set of license keys. Please contact your FileCatalyst representative with a license request string to obtain your new license key.

* To update, first download the latest WAR file from our web site:

  • FileCatalyst Webmail file - (please contact us to request username/password for this page)

Once the WAR is downloaded, proceed with the backup and upgrade:

    1. Log into FileCatalyst Webmail as Super Admin. Click on the About page, and make a note of the path to your configuration folder


    1. Make a backup copy of the configuration folder.


    1. Stop Tomcat


    1. Unzip fcweb.war from the zip file and place it in /Tomcat-Home/webapps/, overwriting the existing file


    1. Delete the /Tomcat-Home/webapps/files2u or fcweb directory


    1. Delete the /Tomcat-Home/work/Catalina directory
    2. Start Tomcat; Tomcat will redeploy the new WAR file and make a new directory /Tomcat-Home/webapps/files2u


    1. Open your web browser and access the application as usual; or if you are on the server console, go to http://localhost/files2u or http://localhost:8080/files2u or http://localhost/fcweb or http://localhost:8080/fcweb (assuming the Tomcat default port 8080; otherwise, substitute an appropriate port)


    1. Log in with username "Init" and password "aaaaa"


    1. Click on the button for Existing or Custom Configuration folder


    1. Enter the path you noted in step 1


    1. Application will re-initialize and all your previous settings will be intact

** The following instructions apply during an upgrade from 3.5.3 to a later version:

* You will need to reset your page template, or certain functions will be masked. Log in as Super Admin, click on Configuration, then "Change Template"; select the template that you have been previously using.

    • If you have made a custom template see the following article:


    • Note: For the purposes of this article, changing the header or a footer or setting a logo doesn’t mean that you’ve customized the page template. In these cases you can just reset your template to the default option.

* Update your language file.

    1. Log in as Super Admin


    1. go to "Configuration"


    1. select "edit language file"


    1. click in the edit pane and search for a line starting with "" (ctrl-F pops up the text search in most browsers)


    1. replace the entire line with this one below:{0} has sent you {1} file(s).


    1. Now, a recipient visiting their download link will see the more sensical message:

        {Name} has sent you {number} file(s).
        ex: Joe Doe has sent you 5 file(s).

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