FileCatalyst Direct BYOL on Microsoft Azure
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Getting Started with FileCatalyst Direct Server on Microsoft Azure

Once you start up the instance on Azure, you will need to perform the following steps. 

1. SSH into the linux using the username ubuntu and either the password or SSH Key

2. Sudo to root user 

sudo -i

3. cd into the /opt/utechsoft/server folder

cd /opt/utechsoft/server

4. Once you are in, you will need to stop the FileCatalyst Server service if it is running. 

service fcserver stop

5. (Optional) The default admin password is: movefilesfast! 

To change the remote administration password run the following command:

java -jar FileCatalystServer.jar -passwdadmin

6. The next step is to install a license key.

7. run ./ and look for the Request String line: 


Your license is not valid or no license is installed.

To request a FileCatalyst Direct license key, contact your FileCatalyst sales representative and include the request string below:

Request String: <REQUEST STRING>

8. Send the request string from your console output to your sales rep. They will provide you with a key. If you do not have a sales rep, you can email
Now stop the server


9. Install the license key. Edit fcconf.conf, enter in licensing information after the equal sign:

vi fcconf.conf
## License key

10. Save the file and start the service up

service fcserver start

11. You can now use the Remote Admin client to Administer the Server. Contact your sales rep for download access. 

 12. In order to perform transfers and to get listings, you will need to enable IP Masquerade on the Server and set it to the public IP. Contact for assistance on this. 

The data port range is limited to 20 ports. You can increase this on the FileCatalyst Server as well as on your Azure Security Group that is attached to this VM. The port range has to match on both places else transfers will not work.

 Enable IP Masquerade .png (98.22 KB)

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