Installing Hotfolder on Linux as a Service in Headless Mode
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The following article will provide instructions on how to install and run the FileCatalyst HotFolder on a Linux OS in headless mode.



FileCatalyst HotFolder v3.4 and later.

Linux Environment.


Note: This article assumes all commands are executed with root privileges.



  1. Download the Filecatalyst HotFolder TAR archive. Copy the file to /opt/utechsoft/hotfolder/.
  2. Create a directory and extract the archive using the commands below:

    cd /opt/utechsoft/hotfolder/
    gunzip fc_hotfolder.tar.gz
    tar -xvf fc_hotfolder.tar

  3. Run the application using the following command in the prompt:

    java -jar FileCatalystHotFolder.jar -setadmin

    That will enable remote administration and set username and password for the HotFolder Remote Admin.

  4. Edit fchf.conf file using a text editor and enter in your HotFolder license key:


  5. Install the FileCatalyst HotFolder as a service onto the system. Open the SERVICE_WRAPPER_README in a text editor. This file is located in /opt/utechsoft/hotfolder/service_wrapper/. When performing these steps be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the Wrapper Readme.

  6. Start the HotFolder as a service using:

    start fchotfolder start

  7. Ensure that port 12505 is open on the firewall and launch the HotFolder Remote Admin Application to connect to the HotFolder service.