Custom Email Message Subject in FileCatalyst Webmail and Workflow
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For every job submission in FileCatalyst Workflow, an email message is sent out to the User and/or Administrator. These email messages can be configured with the customized content. This article will walk you through adding custom content in an email message.



FileCatalyst Workflow v4.9 and later.

FileCatalyst Webmail v4.9 and later.



  1. To allow senders to enter a custom subject of the email message sent to the recipient, the following tasks should be performed:
    1. Log into the Workflow deployment as a Super Admin User. By default, it is called init.
    2. From the top menu bar, click the Modify Configuration button.
    3. Click on the link for Recipient E-mail under the Content Configuration section.
    4. In the editing window labeled Edit ReceipientEmail_email.txt, insert the following code at the very beginning just before the <html> tag:

      {JOB,userDefinedFieldData(subjectField)} from {USERFULLNAME}

      The first line is the subject of the email sent to the recipient.
    5. Hit Save.
    6. You should be taken back to Modify Configuration page with the text RecipeintEmail_email.txt saved ok in red. This will confirm your changes have been saved.

  2. Configure the Job Field:
    1. From the Modify Configuration menu, click on the link to Job Data Fields located under the Job Configuration section.
    2. Search the pre-loaded fields for one called subjectField. If it exists, skip to the next step in the guide. If it does not exist locate the New Field section and add the following:

      Field ID:            subjectField
      Display Label:    Email Subject
      Type:                text (from drop down list)
      Display Format: ROWS="1" COLS="80"

    3. Click Save.
    4. You should be taken back to Modify Configuration page with the text config.xml saved ok in red. This will confirm your changes have been saved.

  3. Configure the Job Form:
    1. In the Modify Configuration page locate and click on the Order Forms which is under the Job Configuration section.
    2. Expand the Form you want to customize by hitting the + symbol.
    3. Click on Form 1 button to open the form options.
    4. Add the subjectField from the Fields drop-down menu.
    5. Position the location of the subjectField using the arrows to the left.
    6. Click on the Submit button once the field is positioned.
    7. Hit Save on the Edit Order Forms page to save the changes made to the Form. This step is important.
      The users will not be able to set their own custom subject message and it will append to the email.