How to minimize the the steps required to submit a job (upload files) in Webmail or Workflow
Posted by John Tkaczewski, Last modified by Aly Essa on 20 May 2016 07:10 PM

There are usually 5 steps required by the user to complete a job in FileCatalyst Workflow:

  1. Log in to the system 
  2. Click on “create a new Job”
  3. User selects and completes one of their available order forms, with the user providing meta data for the upload
  4. Click on “upload files”, at which point the user selects files from their local system and uploads them to the server
  5. Click on the final confirmation

It is sometimes beneficial to skip some of those steps. Here is how you can configure FileCatalyst Workflow to skip some of those steps:

ActionHow to bypass
1. Log in Enable anonymous access in “General Settings”.
2. Select job form

Assign user status to “Job Entry, no file storage”. User MUST have a single form assigned and therefore the form selection will be skipped.

To have a single order form assigned to a user you can:

  • have only a single order form created in the system
  • have mutiple order forms but only a single order form has "is private" option unchecked in the system
  • have a user assigned to a single group that has only a single order form assigned
  • have a user assigned to multiple order forms but all the groups share the same single order form
3. Complete order form Set the content of the form to have no fields or to have all hidden fields (with default values pre-set).
4. Upload file(s) Uncheck the “At least one file” option under the order form properties; user will be able to create a job with meta data only
5. Confirmation Go to “Modify Configuration -> Configure Job Submission Steps” (or in older versions of the software, “Configure Workflow”) and remove the Confirm step from the list.


The above configuration options allow you to reduce the number of steps taken. The trade-off is flexibility and granularity of information. You can easily imagine that automatic job creation with no form to fill out will provide very little useful information to the system, but on the other hand you will have enabled a very simple file transfer process.

A side note for anonymous users. It is possible to append other parameters to the log in the URL. This will take the user directly to the desired form or to pre-fill certain values on that order form

Example:[email protected]

The above will automatically select the default order form, with the text area filed set to “Here Are the files” and the email recipient to be “[email protected]”. Remember to always URL encode your values (in this example + becomes a white space).