Error when FileCatalyst HotFolder is connecting to FileCatalyst Central without a valid license key
Posted by John Tkaczewski, Last modified by Aly Essa on 04 August 2016 12:07 PM


This is a known issue with our Development Team and has been fixed in FileCatalyst Hotfolder v3.5 and FileCatalyst Central v3.5. 

Original Issue:

When connecting a FileCatalyst HotFolder v3.4 or v3.4.2 to  FileCatalyst Central, the following message appears:

HotFolder is Connected to Central but is not Licensed for Alarms

In addition, the FileCatalyst HotFolder raises two alarms in FileCatalyst Central for each connected HotFolder:

- LicenseExpired (critical)
- LicenseExpiring (minor)

Despite the alarms and the error message, the HotFolder will function as expected in Central.

Both FileCatalyst Hotfolder Remote Admin Application and alarms will function properly in Central even if the license key is not present on the HotFolder.



FileCatalyst Hotfolder v3.4 and v3.4.2.

FileCatalyst Central v3.4.2.



To remove this error and the alarms, a proper license key must be applied on the client side for each HotFolder that is connecting to Central.