Connecting to a Headless Installation of FileCatalyst Server
Posted by Aly Essa, Last modified by Aly Essa on 04 August 2016 12:43 PM


A FileCatalyst Server can be installed in a Linux Environment and run in headless mode. This is defined as running the FileCatalyst Server either stand alone or as a service without the usage of a GUI. In this article, we will outline how to enable remote administration of a FileCatalyst Server and set it up to accept incoming connections using the FileCatalyst Server Remote Admin application


FileCatalyst Server v3.4 and later.

FileCatalyst Server Remote Admin v3.4 and later.


  • The FileCatalyst Server is installed on a Linux OS and the Server Remote Admin application can be installed on another machine that has a GUI, such as, MAC OSX and Windows.


  1. Navigate to the install directory of the FileCatalyst Server. This may vary depending on your installation details. For this article, we will reference the path /opt/utechsoft/server/

    All commands listed from this point forward are assumed to be run from the install directory, using the user which runs the application typically it is root.

  2. Shutdown the FileCatalyst Server.

    If it is running as a service run the following command:

    service fcserver stop

    If running standalone, run the following command:


  3. Make sure the service is really down. Perform a kill based on its Process ID (PID) it if it's not. Run the following command to verify that there is no PID registered:

    ps –ef | grep java

  4. Using a text editor open the file fcconf.conf

  5. Locate the following lines and modify them so they match the following:


  6. Save the changes and close the file.

  7. To add/modify the admin user password run the following command in from the path /opt/utechsoft/server/: 

    java -jar FileCatalystServer.jar -passwdadmin

    When prompted enter a password of your choice.

  8. Start the FileCatalyst Server.  This step may be different depending on whether you are running as a service or running standalone.

    If running as a service run the following command:

    service fcserver start

    If running standalone, run the following command:


  9. Using another OS (Windows or MAC OSX) open the FileCatalyst Server Remote Admin application and create a new site.

  10. Use the IP address of the Server and port 12400.

  11. The username is admin and the password you have set in step 7).