HotFolder Installation using the Silent Installer
Posted by Aly Essa, Last modified by Chris Kuhlman on 19 June 2019 02:24 PM


The FileCatalyst HotFolder allows Users and Administrators to install an instance of the HotFolder on network machines in the background without the use of any user interface. The Silent Install method utilizes an Automated Script which is deployed alongside the HotFolder Silent Installer. The Silent Installer will use the configuration paths and options that are set in the Automated Script to install the application. This guide will provide a walkthrough on how to create and modify the script and run the installation.

Please note this installation package is only available in the Windows Environment.


FileCatalyst HotFolder v3.4.2 and later.

Windows OS only.


To use the HotFolder Silent Installer, please follow all these instructions so that all settings and configurations are imported correctly.

  1. Downloading the Install Package

    The HotFolder Silent Installer is available from our Download Portal:
    You can obtain the credentials to access the Download Portal by logging into your Support Account ( and clicking the Get Download Password button. If this option is not available for you, please submit a ticket to the Support Team.

  2. Creating the Automated Script

    The FileCatalyst HotFolder needs to be installed on a machine and specific information such as Install Path and Shortcut Options. This step will install the product on the machine and record the settings that you have selected. The final step in this setup will allow you to create an XML file which will be used by the installer.

    1. Double click on install_fc_hotfolder_autoscript.exe application.
    2. After accepting the agreement, choose the location of where the FileCatalyst HotFolder will be installed in. This location will be used as a default when the Automated Script is generated. Do not select a network location or a storage space that all users will not have access to. The default location is C:\Program Files\FileCatalyst HotFolder\.
    3. Hit Next to proceed.
    4. When the installer completes, select the location of where you would like to place the shortcut links in the Start Menu and if you would like shortcut icons to be placed on the desktop. Hit Next to apply your changes.
    5. At the end of the installation hit the button labeled Generate an automatic installation script.
    6. From the Save dialog, select a location to save this script and give the script a name that uses the extension .XML. For example, HotFolderAutoInstall.xml.

  3. Modifying the Automated Script (optional)

    If you would like to modify paths and options in the installation script, open the HotFolderAutoInstall.xml in a text editor and edit the respective fields. The script will be pre-populated with selections that were made from Step 2. 

  4. Deploying the Installer and Automated Script

    Using the Automated Script from the previous steps  and the installer (install_fc_hotfolder_autoscript.exe) you can now deploy the FileCatalyst HotFolder over the network. Follow these steps to deploy the solution:

    1. Place the install package and script (HotFolderAutoInstall.xml) in the same folder. For example C:\HFAutoInstall\.
    2. Open a Command Prompt and navigate to the directory. Run the following command:

      C:\HFAutoInstall\>install_fc_hotfolder_autoscript.exe HotFolderAutoInstall.xml

    3. When the installation is complete you should see that the FileCatalyst HotFolder is in your Program Files list and that there are desktop shortcuts (if you have selected them).