HotFolder does not connect to a Third-Party FTP Server
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Your FileCatalyst HotFolder can be licensed to connect to any third party FTP Server. When connecting to a FTP Server, the Client Application is presented with a 220 response which contains a logon message. In some cases, the FTP Server can be setup to have a multiline logon message. The FileCatalyst HotFolder may encounter an issue authenticating a user when a multiline message is broadcasted by the FTP Server. If this is the case then the solution would be to reduce the logon message to one line. 

There are other limitations to the HotFolder when connecting to a third-party FTP Server. The usage of the following features is restricted and can only be activated when connecting to a FileCatalyst Server:

  • MD5 Checksums.
  • Incremental File Transfers or File Deltas.
  • Compression on the fly.
  • Zipping or Zipchunking.
  • Basic and Advanced Progressive transfers.
  • Multi-Stream FTP Transfers. 


FileCatalyst HotFolder v3.4 and later.


When using the HotFolder to connect to a third party FTP Server, it is considered best practice to change the Multi-Stream settings to use single stream. Follow this guide to change the connection from Multi-Stream FTP to Single Stream FTP:

  1. Open the FileCatalyst HotFolder.
  2. From the Actions menu select Advanced View. Enable this feature by checking the box labeled Enable Advanced View and hit Apply.
  3. Click on the Sites tab.
  4. Click +New.
  5. Enter you connection details and Next. Once the connection test is complete hit Finish.
  6. From the Sites tab, hit Edit under the connection that was created.
  7. Navigate to the Site Tuning tab. In the field labeled Number of TCP Streams, change the value to 1
  8. Hit the OK button to apply the changes.

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