How to Clear the Web Browser's Local Storage
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After upgrading any FileCatalyst TransferAgent Deployment, such as FileCatalyst Link or FileCatalyst Workflow, the client side previously connected using FileCatalyst TransferAgent Client Application may have issues reconnecting to the source server.  The local storage on the browser stores information about the TransferAgent deployment and caches these elements for future reference. This information gets populated into the Web Browsers local storage when a connection is Allowed through the Access Request Dialog. 

If a user chooses to Always Allow access to a site, the access information for the TransferAgent Deployment gets stored in the configuration file as a white listed Origin Policy. If any of the access information has changed or a connection could not be established the user will be presented with a message in the browser of:

A connection could not be established to one or more remote FileCatalyst Servers. Since no transfer is possible, the UI has been disabled. To retry later, simply refresh this page. If the problem persists, contact the organization managing this web application.


FileCatalyst TransferAgent Client Side Application v3.5 and later.


The following method applies to all browsers on MAC OSX, Windows and Linux Environments. To clear the Web Browsers local storage follow these steps:

  1. Connect to a TransferAgent Deployment (FileCatalyst Link or Workflow) using a browser.
  2. Right-click on the page select Inspect Element or Inspect. This may be different between browsers however there will be a similar option available.
  3. Navigate to the Console tab.
  4. Enter the following command in the console window and press enter to verify there is data stored in the browser's local storage.  Note, the location of the console text prompt varies by browser.


    This command will return a similar message to the following if a connection has been made:

    Storage {filecatalystLocalConfig: "{"agentInstalled":true,"launchAutomatically":true,…alse","markAlwaysLaunch":true,"objectStamp":true}", filecatalystTAPortValue: "12680", taParameters: "[{"name":"http.port","value":12680,"dataType":"INTEGER"}]", length: 3}

  5. Clear your local storage from the Console Tab using:


    The console should return a message of undefined. This indicates that all elements in the local storage have been cleared.

  6. Reconnect to the TransferAgent Deployment source site.

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