Modify Zip Archive and File Size Limits for MultiClient Connections in HotFolder
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The MultiClient feature in the FileCatalyst HotFolder allows tasks to be configured to use a parameter called Enable Auto Archiving of small files. This feature also exists in Single Client mode called Zip Chunking. When MultiClient is enabled in the transfer settings all Single Client options are disabled. The Enable Auto Archiving of small files parameter has default thresholds that are embedded into the application and can not be changed using the UI. This parameter will filter out all files that are less than 5 MB and zip them into an archive of 100 MB.

The default values of this parameter can be modified through the configuration file of the FileCatalyst HotFolder. This article will provide steps on how to modify these parameters through the configuration file (fchf.conf). All changes made in the configuration file will be applied globally throughout the application and will be used when MultiClient is enabled with the user of the Enable Auto Archiving of small files switch.


FileCatalyst HotFolder v3.6 and later.


Use the following steps to make changes to the configuration file and modify the File Size Limit and Archive Volume Size.

  1. Shutdown all FileCatalyst HotFolder Remote Admin applications and Standalone deployments.
  2. Using a text editor open the configuration file fchf.conf. This may require elevated user privileges.
  3. At the bottom of the file add the parameter for File Size Limit. This values entered for the file sizes are in bytes and the default value is 5,242,880 bytes


    For example, if you want to filter files smaller than 10 MB your parameter would look like:


  4. The procedure to setup Archive Volume Size Limit is similar to File Size Limit parameter. The values entered for this parameter must be expressed in bytes and the default value is 104,857,600 bytes. Add the following to the bottom of the configuration file:


    For example, if you want to specify the archive limit to 250 MB you would use:


  5. Save the changes made to the configuration file and close the text editor.
  6. Start the FileCatalyst HotFolder service or run the application in standalone mode. On the next execution of a task that uses MultiClient, the values set in steps 3 and 4 will be used.

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