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FileCatalyst Workflow Release Notes
Posted by Greg Pettit, Last modified by John Tkaczewski on 01 April 2020 12:10 PM
  • Open JDK 8 (Corretto) is now required. Tomcat 8.0.X or 9.0.X are now required. Java 9, 7 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6,v7,v8.5 are NOT supported.
  • Third party FTP Servers are no longer supported (including IIS-FTP, Filezilla, ProFTPd and others)
  • Webmail WAR file is no longer produced.
  • FileCatalyst Direct Server 3.7.1 or higher is only supported v3.7.3 build 37 or higher is recommended
  • Older 4.X page templates are no longer supported
  • JAVA Applets are no longer available as file transfer method
  • Calculate Pricing features removed

Version 5.1.1

Build 964 (March 30, 2020)
  • Fixed: FileArea Session logs are not captured on Chrome, due to a code change in Chromium, see Disallow sync XHR on page dismissal
  • Fixed: Date Picker not using user language
  • Fixed: When sending distribution jobs and setting the Expiry Date to today, the link is expired for today. The link should work until midnight of the day the job was sent
  • Fixed: Removed unused library .jar files
  • Fixed: {APPLICATIONROOT} in email templates adds an extra white-space
  • Fixed: Regular Admin View Groups - Open Folder link is broken
  • Fixed: Admin activities for FileAreas are not logged.
  • Fixed: Duplicate required field statements on Edit My profile for end user
  • Fixed: On pages: Edit My Profile, Forgot Password and Invite Others, Submit and Cancel Buttons don't use the correct language
  • Fixed: Not all items are translated on View Job Popup
  • Using: FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 37
  • Using: FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 37

Version 5.1

Build 947 (Jan 31, 2020)
  • Added: "Request Files Here" feature, allows File Area users to Request files from outside users to upload into a chosen folder in a FileArea. Request File Here links can be configured to automatically expire after XX days
  • Added: Ability to set multiple languages, each language is loaded dynamically based on the "Accept-Language" request header Administrators can create any number of language files based on POSIX Locales
  • Added: Text contained in forms, job status and fields can now be loaded as a custom language property, to better support the new multi-language feature
  • Added: Language parameter to email substitution tags, so the email templates can be created in multiple languages. Ex: {JOBINFO#FR}
  • Added: TransferAgent installer now supports MacOS 10.15 Catalina with permission-based access prompts
  • Added: TransferAgent Installer for Windows is now signed with Extended Validation (EV) Certificate
  • Fixed: Users with Job Submission only status, assigned to a group with Shared Folder option checked, don't see the File Area icon in the main menu
  • Fixed: Address Book for admin users is always empty
  • Fixed: Don't delete temp user when a file transfer is ongoing, when navigating away from a file transfer page
  • Fixed: List of users disappears after adding a user to a group
  • Fixed: "Send Selected Files" is broken in IE11
  • Fixed: In-line installer for TransferAgent in IE11
  • Fixed: Download Location shows wrong download path when individual file is downloaded via UDP
  • Fixed: User and password cookies are now secure and http only
  • Fixed: Expired and archived jobs with enhanced security send multiple emails when download link is clicked
  • Fixed: CSR Forgery protection broke links in the emails to admin, user to get files or view PDF for a job. Getting files from an email which contains a link to a tracking number was not affected.
  • Fixed: The max length of FileCatalyst Server ID, Order Form ID, Group ID is now set to varchar(255)
  • Fixed: When Internal FileCatalyst Server is used, and the Super Admin clicks on Remote Admin link, the host value may change
  • Fixed: No error is reported if the Remote Admin Password is wrong in FileCatalyst Server when using 12480 HTTP Admin port
  • Fixed: Error messages disappear on list users when show users per page is changed
  • Fixed: Save merged language files alphabetically
  • Fixed: Selected row in FileArea is now more visible
  • Fixed: recipientemailCC field type not working unless the field ID is RecipientEmailCC
  • Fixed: Missing email notifications when form upload fails
  • Fixed: Two email notifications sent when upload fails via TransferAgent for a new Job
  • Fixed: Request String sometimes is created against a non routable network address
  • Fixed: Job, User Group List, "Add Field" is now alphabetised
  • Fixed: Forgot Password email feature resets password for users with "User Can Change Password" check box unchecked in their profile
  • Fixed: Form upload, shows a cryptic error when maximum number of concurrent connections is exceeded on the Direct Server
  • Using: FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 37
  • Using: FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 37

Note: Tomcat v9.0.19 released on April 12, 2018, is currently not supported. Please use Tomcat v9.0.20 or higher

Version 5.0.5

Build 840 (Aug 2, 2019)
  • Added: New setting "Job File Rename Mask" under FileCatalyst Servers, script execution. To allow mass rename of all the files being uploaded to Workflow
  • Added: Import/Export users to/from CSV
  • Added: XML Transformation based on an XSL file
  • Added: New tag {USERNAME_REPLACE_CHARS} in Job Files Target Location and Job PDF, JSON and XML target location
  • Added: New property to Field was added. Data URL - this option will fetch the data for the given field from a URL
  • Added: New local and public host field for FileCatalyst Servers, to allow better integration with FileCatalyst Server Reverse Proxy
  • Added: REST API is now used for creating temporary users/files on the FileCatalyst Direct Server when Strict Security is turned on. New field added to FileCatalyst Servers - Remote Admin HTTP Port. The time for creating the temporary accounts on FileCatalyst Server was greatly reduced.
  • Fixed: Admin Overview page taking a long time to load
  • Fixed: Broken pagination link on user list
  • Fixed: Locked fields are not locked in order forms
  • Fixed: Edit Contact in Address Book
  • Fixed: Reject files containing reserved characters in the file name
  • Fixed: Make sure that all cookies have secure flag set
  • Fixed: Ability to connect to FC Servers with TLS 1.2 only support
  • Fixed: Set autocomplete=off to all password fields
  • Fixed: Several functional issues with Job Files Target Location and Job PDF, JSON and XML target location
  • Fixed: Pagination for Jobs By Date report
  • Fixed: Content-Security-Policy header
  • Fixed: CSR Forgery protection, session TOKEN added to every link in the application on the end user pages (not admin)
  • Fixed: Message AuthConfigFactory error: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException error when accessing Tomcat 9.0.XX for the first time after deploying Workflow
  • Fixed: Internal Direct Server doesn't startup properly when doing a clean install from the Windows Install file, subsequent restart of Tomcat Service fixes Internal Server issues.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 25
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 25

Version 5.0.4

Build 896 (Mar 4, 2019)
  • Added: Make TA install Optional on download, even if the default download method is set to TA
  • Added: Show FileArea data usage on the admin dashboard and on the data usage summary report
  • Added: Caching of data usage summary report on admin Dashboard
  • Fixed: HotFolder Job submission when Strict Security is enabled
  • Fixed: Updated default upload methods and protocols to TA and auto, make all protocols available even if the method is http download only
  • Fixed: Prevent infinite loop when creating temp user for strict security fails
  • Fixed: Notify sender when the job is downloaded drop-down is now always visible on edit job
  • Fixed: acceptEmail field for user not being saved
  • Fixed: Banned IP filters start blocking all requests under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Don't allow to go from edit job straight to my file area without first cancelling the job
  • Fixed: Minimum and recommended TA versions now work with FileArea
  • Fixed: Fixing null-pointer when password is not provided from HotFolder
  • Fixed: Added trailing slashes to temp user home directory so things will work with accounts pointing to object storage
  • Fixed: Cancelling of form upload form (not octet stream)
  • Fixed: Margin formatting for help text for orderform fields
  • Fixed: Files uploaded using Hotfolder to workflow filearea end up in root when strict security is enabled.
  • Fixed: New account registered does not send email to admin
  • Fixed: putFileLocal when uploading via HTTP Servlet
  • Fixed: Always show preferredServer on the admin side if we have more than one site created
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 14
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 13

Version 5.0.3

Build 867 (Nov 26, 2018)
  • Added: New installer for TransferAgent contains prepackaged with Java Runtime(JRE), JRE is no longer required to be pre-installed on end user's system
  • Added: Ability to filter the email addresses for Distribution jobs based on groups on top of the existing IP based filters
  • Added: Ability to restrict, super admin and regular admin login by IP Ranges (ex. 192.168.1-255.1-255) on top of the existing CIDR filters. Added ability to blacklist IP's and Ranges as well
  • Added: Ability to restrict uploads/download to FileAreas by filename or extension
  • Added: Internet Explorer X-UA-Compatible meta tag to disable IE from running in compatibility mode
  • Added: Support for Jersey 2 - RESTful API
  • Fixed: When a user attempts to use Workflow with TransferAgent that has an expired SSL certificate, they now get properly prompted to upgrade TransferAgent
  • Fixed: Submitting files from FileAreas is not working from Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: All controls for browsing/adding files are disabled once the upload is started with TransferAgent
  • Fixed: Emails failing to send due to a conflict in mail API libraries
  • Fixed: When a user cancels the upload, the redirect goes to Error URL instead of Cancelled URL
  • Fixed: File list pane scrolling in TransferAgent
  • Fixed: Pagination of user list in admin
  • Fixed: Strict Security not working with home accounts pointing to object storage (s3://)
  • Fixed: Multiple problems with Edit File Properties
  • Fixed: LDAP/AD over SSL in Java 8, consult online help for more details
  • Fixed: All Dates on Job Lists follow button.datePicker.format configurable from the language file
  • Fixed: When all the available job status fields are set not to visible to users, users are getting a blank page when they login
  • Fixed: Submit button missing in FileArea when there is only one FileCatalyst Server site defined
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 5
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 5

Version 5.0.2

Build 783 (July 20, 2018)
  • Fixed: Downloading Individual files via UDP marks the entire job as shipped in Distribution jobs.
  • Fixed: Uploading files over 2GB with form upload reports files size of 1KB
  • Added: Sample code on how to submit jobs with files in FileAreas with the API
  • Fixed: Upgraded Windows Installer with Tomcat 8.0.53
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.2 build 8
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.2 build 8

Version 5.0.1

Build 763 (May 28, 2018)
  • Added: "Test Connection" Button to upload, download and file area.
  • Fixed: Submission of files from sub-folders in FileArea
  • Fixed: Broken redirect to submit and finalize job when address book is disabled in Distribution jobs
  • Fixed: On mobile devices, always redirect to form upload as TransferAgent is not available on any mobile device
  • Fixed: Number of files allowed to upload on mobile devices is now set to 4 instead of 1
  • Fixed: Export Help as HTML
  • Fixed: Date picker on user expiry date selection broken
  • Fixed: Moved maxfiles / maxsize warning to a better place on the upload page
  • Fixed: Custom Header missing on the logon page
  • Fixed: Display "Bandwidth Tuning Properties" on Edit My Profile
  • Fixed: Distribution forms with a blank space will let you continue and upload files without entering an email address
  • Fixed: Logo element in template is now a plane simple img tag
  • Fixed: Sticky Footers
  • Fixed: Minor but highly visible color and style adjustments to themes
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.2 build 8
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.2 build 8

Version 5.0

Build 697 (March 29, 2018)
  • Added: Brand new end user interface based on HTML5
  • Added: Brand new admin Interface based on HTML5
  • Added: Admin Dashboard
  • Added: New templating mechanism, old templates are no longer supported
  • Added: Ability to assign templates to groups
  • Added: Ability to Import/Export Templates
  • Added: Five new templates redesigned from the ground up using HTML5, two of those new templates follow the dark theme (white text on a dark background)
  • Added: Silent Installer for TransferAgent for automated corporate deployments to multiple workstations
  • Added: Delete Selected Files button in FileArea, to delete multiple files with a single click
  • Added: New daily data usage report
  • Added: Remote Admin to the internal FileCatalyst Server now uses HTML5 Admin (not the Java Applet)
  • Fixed: HTML Form upload sometimes fails when many files are selected for upload (8 or more files)
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.2 build 5
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.2 build 5

Version 4.9.9

Java 7 and Tomcat 7.0.59 or higher are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 (not 8.5) are also supported. Java 9 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6, v8.5 and v9 are NOT supported.

Reloading the default language file for 4.9.9 might be required.

Webmail WAR file is no longer produced.

Build 131 (October 25, 2017)

  • Impoved: (Workflow) In-line installer of TransferAgent. All detection and install prompts are more clear and easier to read. The user is also guided through step-by-step images and text on how to install TransferAgent.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Detection to check if TransferAgent is already installed in a web browser gets occasionally frozen, resulting in a never ending progress spinner.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Download link to the installer of TransferAgent is broken in Internet Explorer/Edge in File Area.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) In General settings, open known file types with default application in browser not getting saved.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Android App not finalizing jobs.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.1 build 9
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.1 build 26
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Build 512 (July 5, 2017)

  • Added: (Workflow) Submit files from file areas using API (requires fcapi 3.7.2 or higher).
  • Added: (Workflow) Always enable the FTPS port on the Internal FC Server.
  • Added: (Workflow) Always enable HTTP Access when starting the Internal FC Server.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Strict Security doesn't work with Internal Server
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Don't prompt the end user for upgrade of TransferAgent when connecting with TA 3.7.1
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Memory leak with SessionData objects not getting deleted.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) If you disable Upload JSON On Job Submission it is re-enabled on service restart.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Missing langauge entries for Video Preview.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.1 build 9
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.1 build 9
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Build 486 (April 4, 2017)

  • Added: (Workflow) File Area now works with TransferAgent (Java Applets are no longer required to access file areas).
  • Added: (Workflow) TransferAgent now supports Linux.
  • Added: (Workflow) Ability to embed an order form within an iFrame on another web site.
  • Added: (Workflow) Ability to force form upload as the upload method in specific order form.
  • Added: (Workflow) Ability to specify custom CSS with an order form.
  • Added: (Workflow) Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Single file download with UDP now works when Strict Security is enabled.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Apostrophy not working in TransferAgent when set via the language file.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Proper handling of uploads and downloads when strict security is turned on and the end user doesn't start the transfer before the 20 minutes temp account timeout.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Internal Server startup creates corrupt fcconf.conf file
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Strict Security when the FC Home directory uses UNC paths (ex: \\\somefolder\).
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Potential concurrency conflicts when two TransferAgent uploads start exactly at the same time.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7 build 3
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7 build 3
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Version 4.9.8

NOTICE: Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 (not 8.5) are also supported. Java 9 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6, v8.5 and v9 are NOT supported.

Build 115 (Febuary 16, 2017)

  • Fixed: (Workflow) Form uploads with iPhone and iPad.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Job Files Target Location with Java Applets and Strict Security.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Downloads with email auth, pin or password not working when manually entering the tracking number on older templates.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 48
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 48
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Build 113 (January 24, 2017)

  • Fixed: (Workflow) Server stability when Strict Security option is used.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) TransferAgent not working on Mac.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Download files doesn't work with older page templates.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) HTTP fall back servlet now automatically switches between FTP/FTPS as needed
  • Fixed: (Workflow) In TransferAgent added compatibility when Accept-Language header set to es-419
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 48
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 48
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Version 4.9.7

NOTICE: Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 (excluding 8.5) are also supported. Java 9 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6, v8.5 and v9 are NOT supported.

Build 437 (December 12, 2016)

  • Fixed: (Workflow) Video Image Preview doesn't work when Tomcat is running on Linux.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Display LDAP/AD port in debug system log as parsed from the configuration.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) _shipped json, xml file creation error when xml.filename.prefix contains either <FILENAME> or <FILENAME.EXTENSION>.

Build 434 (November 7, 2016)

  • Fixed: (Workflow + Webmail) When using Java upload Applet, file name of the uploaded file includes the name of the file + path and all slashes are replaced by "--"
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Strict Security switch now accepts FileCatalyst Servers v3.7

Build 433 (November 3, 2016)

  • Added: (Workflow) Ability to generate low resolution preview of almost any video file sent via a distribution form. (ffmpeg required)
  • Added: (Workflow) Strict Security Switch in General Settings so the proxy FTP account is not passed to the client applications, rather a temporary account is created on the fly. This option requires Filecatalyst Direct Server 3.6 Build 30 or higher and no thrid party FTP servers can't be used.
  • Added: (Workflow) Import of Address Book from LDAP/AD now has a search string for better control on what contacts to automatically import.
  • Added: (Workflow) The event when TransferAgent starts on the client's machine and communicates back to Workflow is now logged in Job History Log both for uploads and downloads.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Custom location of upload temp folder for form uploads.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Email recipient auto-complete field now works with up/down and enter keys.
  • Added: (Workflow) File name for XML/JSON can now be set to the filename or filename.extension of the first file uploaded for the job.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Updated certificate for Java Applets, New cert will expire in Sept. 2019
  • Fixed: (Workflow) logon_internal.jsp is now disabled if SecureAuth is not turned on.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In Admin pages, Auto-Complete of user/password is now disbaled on pages that require a user/password to another service/system.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Can't set Confirm Step in Distribution jobs when Address book is enabled.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Installing TransferAgent does not require admin rights on Windows.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Form upload will now accept files with reserved characters in the file name: ex: slshaes, |, "<", ">" and change the illegal character to "--"
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Restrict access to uploadtemp folder.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Some error messages not working for form upload (in form, not Octet-Stream)
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Force the end user to upgrade TransferAgent if not up-to-date.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Transfer Agent progress does not indicate when MD5 verification is occurring.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Updated Workflow API example in the documentation.
  • Fixed: (Webmail) Merged missing langauge entries.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 46
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 43

Version 4.9.6

NOTICE: Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 are also supported. Java 9 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6 and v9 are NOT supported.

Build 398 (May 3, 2016)

  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Select All Check-box on the address book popup
  • Fixed: (Workflow) On TransferAgent pages, X-UA-Compatible META tag moved to the correct location so it gets parsed by IE correctly
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Email Authentication download method, users must paste the authentication token from email and can't click on the link directly
  • Fixed: (Workflow) FCTransferAgent.exe requires admin rights to run
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Auto-Deletion thread doesn't delete files linked into other jobs
  • Improved: (Workflow) The initial launch message for TransferAgent so end users don't confuse the download of the Plugin with the download of the package
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 23
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 21
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 21

Build 396 (April 15, 2015)

  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Job Files Target Location containing {JOBID} returns null
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Updated X-UA-Compatible tags to remove IE 9, 8, 7 as supported browsers.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Added DOCTYPE tag for better support for IE 10,11 and Document Mode Emulation
  • Fixed: (Workflow) FCTransferAgent.exe identified as Installer to web browsers
  • Fixed: (Workflow) TransferAgent redirects to success URL even if MD5 checksum fails.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Jobs that redirect to Error leave "Job Submitted" in Job History log.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) On download files, TransferAgent launch dialog does not stop the spinner, making the download page unusable
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Files transferred with TransferAgent have the last modified date (MaintainLastModified) set to current month minus 1
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Upload/Download web pages get locked when a user Rejects "FileCatalyst TransferAgent Access Request" dialog
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 22
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 21
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 21

Build 394 (March 23, 2015)

  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Backwards compatibility with older HotFolder and Android App
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Add users to the FC Server automatically not working when only a single server is defined
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 12
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 12
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 12

Build 393 (Feb 25, 2016)

  • Added: (Workflow Only) New upload and download methods - TransferAgent. Java Applets are no longer be required
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Ability to start a file transfer and be able to close the web browser while the transfer is still in progress
  • Added: (Workflow Only) To maximize the bandwidth, TransferAgent will upload multiple files concurrently - the multi-client approach
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Use LDAP/AD Utility Account to fetch user information upon login
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Generate and upload JSON file for the job, so it can be parsed by external applications
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Search users with LDAP/AD Utility Account before attempting the bind
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Display PermaLinks on Order forms for quick access by the end user
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Rename FTP/FC Site ID tool
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Download entire help as HTML and improved help navigation menu
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Which account invited the temp user is now tracked in the user comments field
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Tracking number and Job ID now present in all email distribution type of jobs
  • Added: (Workflow Only) On job list for end user, TrackingNumber column automatically appears if distribution type of jobs are present
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) New Download Transmittal List, users can now quickly discover which recipient has downloaded the files
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) HTML Form Upload, uploading multiple files in Firefox fails
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) HTML Form Upload, legacy form (not octet-stream) deletes the entire uploadtemp folder after upload
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) HTML Form Upload, Copy files to FTP is more robust
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) HTML Form Upload, file names containing UTF-8 characters don't show properly
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In FTPServlet quote command affecting other commands if there is a failure
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In FTPServlet cleaning uploadtemp is more robust
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) When French language is set as default language, calendar displayed is wrong
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) No more length limit on SMTP server field
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) On user list, clicking on sort by User Status, returns black row/column matrix
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) FileArea Applet fails to upload files to IIS-FTP in HTTP
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Download Applet fails to download folders in HTTP
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) StyleSheetTag errors are now quiet
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Automatically generated password for 'Invite Others' doesn't follow Global Password Properties
  • Fixed: (Workflow) XML and JSON not providing the correct sourceIP of the end user submitting the files
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Removed the pre-compiler tool
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Stability of the Internal FileCatalyst Server
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Auto-Deletion, not deleteing files uploaded by anonymous users
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Poodle fix in the Windows installers is missing
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Older templates not displaying correctly for the download page
  • Discontinued: (Webmail) Webmail Installer is no longer produced, only the WAR file is now available
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 12
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 12
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 12

Known issue:

  • HTTP transfers in TransferAgent can occasionally fail, please report any issues with HTTP transfers to our help desk

Version 4.9.5

NOTICE: Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 are also supported. Java 6 and Tomcat 6 are no longer supported.

Build 239 (June 16, 2015)

  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Form upload corrupting certain files
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In email settings, send TLS only if authentication is enabled
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.4.2 build 17
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.4.2 build 17

Build 223 (June 9, 2015)

  • Added: (Workflow Only) Ability to customize user fields during: Registration, Anonymous, User Edit and Admin editing a user
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Retry sending emails when SMTP server fails
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Check if a certain username already exists in LDAP/AD before creating a local account
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Automated backups for HSQL (internal DB) when external MySQL is not being used
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Auto-Deletion of Webmail jobs after upgrading to Workflow
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Migration to MYSQL of Webmail after upgrading to Workflow
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Download email notification to sender not working when only one recipient is set
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) X-FRAME-OPTIONS header must be set to SAMEORIGIN for improved security
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Documentation for Brute Force protection
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Sorting by Job ID broken after one upgrades from Webmail to Workflow
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.4.2 build 17
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.4.2 build 17

Version 4.9.4

NOTICE: Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 are not yet supported. Java 6 and Tomcat 6 are no longer supported.

Build 143 (Feb 26, 2015)

  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Invite Others generates a random password for the new users
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Message of the day, ability to set a custom message on the login screen and on the anonymous job submission
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) UDP File transfers slow on WIFI
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Duplicate File button on edit file properties doesn't save the data
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) With both "Isolate Groups" and "Allow admins to create groups" enabled. If an admin creates a group he can not see nor administer it.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) System (MY_FILE_AREA) group is showing for regular admins
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Regular admins can remove themselves from a group even when "Allow Admins to change their profile" is turned OFF
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) "Regular Admins can see all the groups when they are not part of any group" must only work if "Isolate groups" is turned ON AND "Allow Admins to change their profile" is turned OFF
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) When "Allow Admins to change their profile" is turned OFF, Regular Admins MUST NOT be able to delete groups, in case they try to delete a group they are part of which will remove them from the group and thus will modify their profile
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Upgrading from Webmail to Workflow, get files via email link does not work
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Email notification not sent to the old email address, when user's email is changed
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.4.2 build 17
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.4.2 build 17

Version 4.9.3

NOTICE: Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 are not yet supported. Java 6 and Tomcat 6 are no longer supported.

Build 133 (January 27, 2015)

  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) All applets signed with a new certificate, expiring on Nov 5, 2016. Old certificate will expire on March 29, 2015.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Integration with SecureAuth 2 Factor Authentication.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) New Language entries for Upload and Download applets.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Language entries for Upload, Download, 2-way applets and form upload all merged into the main language file.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Java Applets not working in Java 1.7u65 on Windows
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Anonymous users create corrupted jobs if they initate a new job while their current job in the same browser is not finished
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) FCWEB will create inactive users in Direct when you have AD/LDAP enabled, and you have "Add users to FC Server automatically" checked
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) UDP upload does NOT have a quick start rate set to autodetect, instead it is set to 40Kbps
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) "Error #1 :File cannot be edited" when editing headers/footers
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) "Notify user" email on user creation not sent
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) init.xml and config.txt moved to WEB-INF for improved security
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Hide the link to formupload from the applet page when default upload method is java only
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) International (UTF) characters in: forms, group names, emails, page template and js config files
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Ability to set banned IP's and email filters for anonymous, SSO and directory users
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Banned IP's for anonymous users also applied for downloading files
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Downloading of 2 jobs in the same web browser causes one of the jobs not to have logs and not to be set to "shipped" status
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Tomcat 7.0.55 and Tomcat 8, getServletContext().getRealPath("") doesn't work with relative paths
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) "User account disabled" message not showing with SSO
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) SSO Logout not working and SSO header not parsing without an IP address
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Outgoing Email Server settings not working after one disables SSL on email settings
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Auto-Detect does not fall back to HTTP in the FileArea applet
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) SSL Poodle vulnerability
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Admin/Super admin login IP filtering not letting in the entire CIDR subnet range
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.4.2 build 13 (build 14 for 2-way applet)
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.4.2 build 13

Version 4.9.2

NOTICE: Only combinations of either Java 6 and Tomcat 6.X or Java 7 and Tomcat 7.X are supported. Mixing of Java 6 with Tomcat 7 is not supported. Migration to Java 7 and Tomcat 7 is strongly recommended. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 are not yet supported.

Build 70 (May 29, 2014)

  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) New checkbox for order forms "Show to Anonymous Users", we can now create order forms specific to anonymous users.
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Ability to automatically generate XML files for Distribution jobs when the XML Target Path is set under FC Servers.
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Ability to automatically generate shipped XML files for Distribution jobs when the XML Target Path is set under FC Servers and when ALL the recipients have downloaded ALL the files for the job.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Group Folder permissions are now called "Upload Only" and "Download Only", File Area toolbar hides all the file modification options if only one of those options is checked. When both options are checked then all the options in the toolbar are visible.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Added help instructions on how to create custom HTML login pages.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In File Area, Upload and Download buttons are not hidden when the Read Only or Write Only permissions are set.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) FTP Session logs for jobs are now visible to regular admins.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In File Area applet, in Java Console log showing "nosuchmethod exception" on Mac.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.4 build 7
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.4 build 7.

Version 4.9.1

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) or Java 7 (1.7) and Tomcat 6.X or Tomcat 7.X are now required. Migration to Java 7 and Tomcat 7 is strongly recommended. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 are not yet supported.

Build 62 (May 5, 2014)

  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Support for Tomcat 7.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) In form upload, showing more file transfer details (ETA, Speed, bytes remaining).
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Recipient Email drop down field now triggers recipient email with a download link and not the new job to admin email. Recipient Email template can be modified to the old type of email notification if required.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) New checkbox when adding a new user from admin "Notify User", which automatically notifies the end user of their new account
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) UDP start rate is now set to auto detect in all the applets.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Time zone information in job history log.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Upgrade capability to the Windows Installer and upgraded the installer to Java 7 64-bit and Tomcat 7.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Download individual files via http links is broken in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Java Applets in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Security updates to HTTP protocol.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Duplicate job ids in the job list.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Problem with switch to user mode.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Reordering of jobs that contain UTF-8 file names.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Unable to insert a new line in a text area in IE.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Downloading single file via individual link triggers all files downloaded confirmation email.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Automated Check FTP Site task reports false positives when the root directory on the FTP site contains many elements
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In File Area, "Send Selected Files" button is showing to "File Area Only" users
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.4 build 2 - File Area applet build 3.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.4 build 2.


Version 4.9

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) or Java 7 (1.7) and Tomcat 6.X are now required. (Tomcat 7 is not yet supported)

Build 180 (December 12, 2013)
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Download Applet is occasionally slow or doesn't work with UDP. Reduced numSenderSockets to 1
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Form upload on mobile devices only allows to upload a single file.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Java Plugin Detection uses only JavaScript, which improves the time it takes to detect.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) CSS settings are not saved when a new template is selected.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.2 build 26.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.2 build 26.

Build 178 (October 18, 2013)
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Download individual links in IE7/8 with https
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) 0 bytes content-length issue in form upload when the file is larger then 2GB.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Support for latest JRE 1.7 u45, removes yellow warning box in the Java security warning prompt
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Added robustness to the new form upload, minimize the number of "statusForID not found" errors in form upload log.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.2 build 26.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.2 build 26.
Build 166 (August 13, 2013)
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Added new drag and drop form upload.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Users have now the ability to freely switch between form upload and Java Applet and vice versa.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) New Job notification widget now uses JavaScript and no longer requires a Java Applet.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Advanced Memory Information on the About Page for administrators.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Turn on TLS for SSL and non SSL email settings.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Deletion of a group will now require manual deletion of files on the FTP server.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Allow access to log.1 through log.5 files from superadmin.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Add the secure flag to cookies sent over SSL.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Java Plugin browser detection now works with Safari and Chrome on Mac. Also improved the look of the detection page and added a skip option.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Number of fixes when "Isolate Groups" feature is turned on.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Security issues addressed when "Allow Admins to Edit Groups" feature is turned on.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Many fixes on administrating and creating FTP sites.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Missing email notification templates (Group Folder Changed, User Status Changed and Job Completed).
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Character encoding issues.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Form upload creates new FCAPI${DD}${MM}${YY}Usr.log.* every upload.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Misleading error messages, online help issues, labels on screens, and general documentation issues.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Removed admin SMTP password in clear text in About dialog.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Removed possible SQL injections throughout the code.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Recipient email address field not marked as mandatory in default Distribution form.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Message from sender in recipient email is blank.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Windows Installers for Workflow and Webmail now contain Tomcat version 6.37
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Setting the log level does not work. Always setting to DEBUG.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Cancel button after viewing certain log files produces a null pointer exception.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Message field in job form needs to support next line functionality.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Accented usernames/passwords failing.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Check user name for reserved characters on Windows.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Redirect to File Area after Logon.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Setting an exclusion (.ds) and enabling cache. Upload fails to workflow/fcweb.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Administrator can't delete a job successfully.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Deleting a file that was just uploaded causes 2 delete commands to be sent to the ftp server.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.2 build 13.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.2 build 13.

Version 4.8.5

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) or Java 7 (1.7) and Tomcat 6.X are now required. (Tomcat 7 is not yet supported)

Build 85 (June 25, 2013)
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Security update for the Internal FC Server
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Download_Method field type missing in Workflow
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Java Applets not properly auto-detecting UDP when latency is more then 200ms.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Check FTP site is not closing the connections and leaving the ports open.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.1 build 35.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.1 build 35.

Version 4.8.4

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) or Java 7 (1.7) and Tomcat 6.X are now required. (Tomcat 7 is not yet supported)

Build 66 (April 25, 2013)
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Android devices can now submit jobs and/or upload files to file areas. Search in Google Play for FileCatalyst to download the app.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Automatically redirect a user to File Area or Group File Area if only a single file area is assigned to a user.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Download page hides the Java applet when viewed from a mobile.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Remote Admin now works with FC Server API v3.1 b23 or higher.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Job Notifications being sent even when "Accept Email" was disabled on users profile.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Form Upload rejects files with reserved characters when uploading from Mac OS X.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) New user template - "User must change password" or "User can change password" was not properly saved to config.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) My File Area disappears when user is full access but belongs to a group with no My File Area enabled.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Usernames containing extended ASCII characters (ex: accented letters) or reserved words on Windows (ex: LPT1) are no longer allowed.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Security fix for "Add users to this Server automatically" under FC Servers.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.1 build 27.

Version 4.8.3

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) or Java 7 (1.7) and Tomcat 6.X are now required. (Tomcat 7 is not yet supported)

Build 54 (March 14, 2013)
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Ability to add a header on Download Files page. (Language file property:
  • Added: (Workflow) Enhanced Email Notification and Download Method.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Log entry to Job Logs Database when a Job is reordered.
  • Added: (Workflow) Job Notification List to work without Recipient Email
  • Added: (Workflow) Enabled report by Recipient Email under reports
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Missing forceNameSort parameter in Two Way Applet
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Issue with running Clean up Database tool not working properly
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) SSL configs not being loaded when using the internal FC Server
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.1 build 22.
Build 48 (January 28, 2013)
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Upgrading to v4.8.3 now maintains all users in the internal FC server.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) UDP transfer rates dropping on Windows.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Download applet issues on Mac OS X.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v3.1 build 14.
Build 45 (January 17, 2013)
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) All Java applets within the web application are now signed with a certificate that expires on March 21, 2015.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Ability to drag and drop email addresses from any email client from outside of the web browser.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Improved stability of the automatic job deletion background task.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Don't launch check Java Applet if the default file transfer method is the form upload.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Check FC/FTP Site now runs every 30 minutes.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Form upload not working with 3rd party FTP servers.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Next button (used to go to the next page) not showing if multiple order form pages are present.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) When clicking on "File Area", the user set for File Area Only could select My File Area even if none of the groups had My File Area option checked
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v3.1 build 12

Version 4.8.2

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) or Java 7 (1.7) and Tomcat 6.X are now required. (Tomcat 7 is not yet supported)

Build 35 (December 21, 2012)
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) New general setting to allow regular admins to add/edit/delete groups.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Job notification list (new recipient email CC field) other users besides the sender can be notified when files are downloaded by a recipient
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Job wide custom HTML in Order Forms.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Check FC/FTP Site now runs every 15 minutes and sends an email to administrator in case of failure.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Backwards compatibility with FileCatalyst Direct Server 2.9, 3.0 and 3.0.1
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Search for groups by group name and username.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Download applet always shows Java Security warning
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Admin UI issues when admin is in user mode
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Default fields to be shown on job list for users
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v3.1 build 10

Version 4.8.1

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) or Java 7 (1.7) and Tomcat 6.X are now required. (Tomcat 7 is not yet supported)

Build 65 (October 19, 2012)
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Editing a user when isolate groups was enabled and no groups were defined.
Build 63 (September 27, 2012)
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Force IPv4 on all applets.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Outlook plugin now gets the orderform assigned to a user instead of the default orderform.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + workflow) Logging in as a user who belonged to a group with no write permissions failed.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + workflow) Changed all applets to use only Applet Tag.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + workflow) Internal FC Server not starting up when using backup files from older version.
  • Using: (Webmail + workflow) Tomcat 6.0.35 in Windows Installers.
  • Using: (Webmail + workflow) Added httpOnly Cookie setting in Web.xml to protect against XSS.
  • Using: (Webmail + workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v3.0.1 build 17.
Build 58 (August 25, 2012)
  • Fixed: (Webmail + workflow) Remote Admin Connection between FCWeb and internal FC Server.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + workflow) Added ability for usernames to have a space in them when authenticating against AD/LDAP.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + workflow) Uploading files using form upload from IE 8 would cause transfers to fail.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) FileCatalyst HotFolder does not respect Job Files Target Path when submitting a job.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + workflow) Users and Groups now get updated when a FC Site gets deleted from the system.
Build 51 (July 31, 2012)
  • Added: (Workflow) Multiple Order form support from the API and HotFolder - Users can now select which order form they wish to use from the API or HotFolder. This feature will be available in the Outlook Plugin in the Fall 2012
  • Added: (Workflow) Submitting files to File Areas from the HotFolder - Users can now upload files directly into their personal or group file areas.
  • Added: (Workflow) Notify Group Members of changes to Group File Area - The system will now notify all group members when changes are made to the group file area.
  • Added: (Workflow) Customize Recipient Email based on Order Form - Admins can now have a different email template for each order form that has the RecipeintEmail field
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Ability to see the IP address of the Sender from the Job list. The IP field must be added to the Job List view.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Ability to specify more than one {FIELD(field_id)} in the job files path for an FC Site.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + workflow) User with "File Area only" status would see a drop down when they belonged to a single group file area with "My File Area" property disabled.
  • Improved: (Webmail + Workflow) Hidden fields are now hidden completely from the user side - Hidden fields are no longer show on Confirm Job page, View Jobs page or in emails.
  • Improved: (Webmail + Workflow) Modified back-end code to support mobile platforms. (Yes! Android app coming soon...)
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v3.0.1 build 9

Version 4.8

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) and Tomcat 6.X are now required. (Tomcat 7 and Java 7 are not yet supported)

Build 110 (June 25, 2012)
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Ability to specify more than one {FIELD(field_id)} in the job files path for an FC Site.
Build 106 (May 25, 2012)
  • Added: (Workflow) REST API - Use REST calls to perform administrative functions. (Create/Update/Delete/List Users, Groups, Order Forms, FC/FTP Sites).
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) - Expiry of Packages - Ability for the administrator and/or user to define when packages expire.
  • Added: (Workflow) - Ability to send to a user or group
  • Added: (Workflow) - Script Execution - Ability to execute a script after upload of all files.
  • Added: (Workflow) - Ability for user to select groups when inviting temp accounts
  • Added: (Workflow) - New password policies. Ability to specify types of password the system should allow.
  • Improved: (Webmail + Workflow) Added Retry and Resume for connections between HTTP Servlet and FTP Server.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Email Filter Settings did not persist after clicking Save.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Uploading from AFP mounts on Mac OS X
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Isolate groups when shared jobs was unchecked
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Access download files link as anonymous from create new job page.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Cancel on Invite Others now redirects to Main Menu.
  • Fixed: (HotFolder/Outlook Plugin/API) would always default to HTTP mode when the default transfer mode was set to AUTO.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Export of Personal Address Book to CSV
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Import 1000+ AD contacts into Global Address Book.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) AD/LDAP user accounts containing apostrophe or any other illegal character in FCWEB
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Disabled reorder link for jobs/uploads with failed transfer status
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v3.0.1 build 4

Version 4.7.1

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) and Tomcat 6.X are now required. (Tomcat 7 and Java 7 are not yet supported)

Build 41 (May 1, 2012)
  • Improved: Banned IP's and Email Filter settings can now be based on user types instead of user status.
  • Fixed: Email Filter Settings did not persist in Workflow.
  • Fixed: Uploading from AFP mounts on Mac OS X
  • Fixed: Isolate groups when shared jobs was unchecked
  • Fixed: Access download files link as anonymous from create new job page.
  • Fixed: Cancel on Invite Others now redirects to Main Menu.
  • Fixed: HotFolder/Outlook Plugin/API would always default to HTTP mode when the default transfer mode was set to AUTO.
  • Fixed: Export of Personal Address Book to CSV
  • Fixed: Import 1000+ AD contacts into Global Address Book.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v3.0.0 Build 9 (01/25/2012 1529)
Build 32 (March 1, 2012)
  • Added: Email notifications to user when recipients downloads all files via HTTP links rather than the applet.
  • Added: Transactions are now automatically flipped to "shipped" status even when the recipient uses the HTTP links to download the files.
  • Added: New status type called "transferFailed". Uploads/Jobs that have file transfers that failed will cause the job to be flipped to this status.
  • Added: Downloadable option for status types. Now admins can specify which Jobs are downloadable by status type. Ex: All jobs in the "sent and received" status can be prevented from any further downloads.
  • Added: New Button to save FTP Sites without performing a check on all existing sites.
  • Added: Email notifications for failed transfers when downloading using the download applet.
  • Improved: Made invite others link more visible. Moved it close to the logout link (The page template must be updated to see the new link)
  • Improved: recipient emails not contain properly formatted tracking numbers to conform with application policies
  • Fixed: issue with new FCModern Template. Some CSS was not getting set properly.
  • Fixed: issue with system group MY_FILE_AREA not being moved over to MySQL DB after conversion from HSQL DB
  • Fixed: IE 9 not displaying remote option icons of the File Area Applet.
  • Fixed: Users could invite temp accounts with usernames that already existed in the system.
  • Fixed: On-Line Help can now be viewed without logging in.

Version 4.7

NOTICE: Java 6 (1.6) and Tomcat 6.X are now required. (Tomcat 7 and Java 7 are not yet supported)

Build 100 (Feb 16, 2012)
  • Fixed: Import of global addresses that had an apostrophe as part of the CN.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v2.9 Build 15 (12/06/2011 1648)
Build 98 (Feb 8, 2012)
  • Fixed: Cross-site scripting
  • Fixed: issue with two way applet not loading if username has a . in it
  • Fixed: issue with newly created temp accounts not being able to log in.
  • Fixed: Issue with Import of LDAP contacts into Global Address Book.
  • Fixed: Issue with size reporting as 0 bytes when downloading files via individual links.
Build 83 (Jan 25, 2012)
  • NEW: User style template FCModern is now used as the default template. The new user interface is cleaner and easier to use
  • NEW: Ability for user to specify which FC/FTP server to upload files to (submitting from file area will always use users preferred server)
  • NEW: Better logging; Separate log files for user, system and autodelete.
  • NEW: All Java applets and Internal FC Server upgraded to FileCatalyst 3.0, which works with the new FileCatalyst Central (Monitoring Console)
  • NEW: Internationalization: language file now supports UTF-8. French language pack is now provided
  • NEW: Import and keep in Sync Global Address book from LDAP/AD
  • NEW: Internal processes (like auto-deletion) can now be tracked with thread scheduling using Quartz
  • NEW: Address Book now available from the main menu in Workflow Enterprise
  • Improved: Both LDAP/AD now support security groups
  • Improved: User passwords in the database are now encrypted using MD5
  • Improved: Ability to restart internal servers (SQL, FTP) and the config separately
  • Improved: simplified user fields configuration
  • Improved: added banned IP and email filters in Workflow (this feature was already available in Webmail)
  • Fixed: Adding a user with the same username as super admin is now blocked
  • Fixed: Disable Forgot password for super user
  • Fixed: Mass delete of jobs under maintenance
  • Fixed: Multiple recipients not properly formatted on the job list
  • Fixed: Location and the look of the drop downs (like New Job or File Area selection drop downs)
  • Fixed: Font Size in all the templates
  • Fixed: Styles are now fixed, admins can now apply font size and colors without changing the CSS in Modify Configuration - Styles
  • Fixed: Upload applet no longer accepts illegal characters, leading or trailing whitespaces in file names.

Version 4.6.1

Build 13 (Dec 6, 2011)
  • Fixed: Added back Network Places in File Area applet for Windows XP
  • Fixed: Ability to edit Temporary Accounts when LDAP is enabled
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v2.8.1 Build 22 (03/22/2011 1150)
Build 12 (Nov 25, 2011)
  • Improved: auto retry when the connection fails during a file transfer
  • Fixed: Cancel Button on Edit emails, resets certain email templates to the default
  • Fixed: Language file not loaded after the config folder is set during upgrade
Build 11 (Nov 17, 2011)
  • Improved: Added support for the "mget" command built-in to Windows FTP.exe tool
  • Improved: Error email, now includes the logs when a user uploads using the HTTP Form upload
  • Improved: Added new user template in the Standard Edition
  • Fixed: HTTP Form upload doesn't work when the transfer takes longer than 30 minutes
  • Fixed: Added UTF-8 Encoding for on edit user profile, user properties can now contain non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed: Added UTF-8 Encoding to edit email content, language file and page template
  • Fixed: New user template for regular and temporary users now works with password properties
  • Fixed: Functionality issues with the Standard edition
Build 10 (Nov 7, 2011)
  • Improved: Error email now includes the FTP Session logs in the email for Admin
  • Fixed: Java 7 Support added for the upload, download and file area applets
  • Fixed: Auto-Delete Broken when MySQL DB is used
  • Fixed: Don't allow to start a new job in the same browser in a different tab
  • Fixed: Remote Options are missing in file area
  • Fixed: Mass Job delete under Maintenance
  • Fixed: limit order form id to 32 characters only
Build 9 (October 21, 2011)
  • NEW: Send email to admin and the user when a file transfer fails
  • Fixed: Error when an invalid email is entered on the recipient email field
Build 8 (October 18, 2011)
  • NEW: Forgot password link on the login page can now be disabled in General Settings
  • NEW: Ability to define more than one Internal FTP/FC Server
  • Improved: Automatic Job Deletion
  • Fixed: Accessing Virtual Microsoft Office Drives now works in the Java Applets
  • Fixed: Ability to switch an existing FTP/FC Server from Internal to External and vice versa
  • Fixed: Single Sign On (SSO) now redirects and automatically authenticates directly from the login page
  • Fixed: User can change password even if their profile is set to not allow to change their password
  • Fixed: Make new user directory on the FTP Server was creating the directory in /{INITDIR}/{INITDIR} ex: /fcweb/fcweb/
  • Fixed: Disabled access to the logs directory from the web
Build 6 (June 24, 2011)
  • NEW: Friendly Display name for FTP Site
  • NEW: Friendly Display name for Order Form
  • NEW: Global and Personal Address Book in Workflow
  • NEW: CSV Import of Personal Address Book
  • NEW: Auto-Zip into a single archive considerably reduces the time it takes to transfer many files. When using this feature, the generated ZIP file has to be 4GB or smaller.
  • Improved: Sanitize user input to prevent cross-site scripting threats
  • Improved: Searching for jobs by status, user, jobid and any custom defined form field
  • Improved: On-line help
  • Fixed: Searching for files in a database containing ~500,000 files or more causes high CPU usage
  • Fixed: Target Path for files not working when the order form has no visible fields

Version 4.6

NOTICE: Java 1.6+ and Tomcat 6+ is now required.

Known Issues:
  • Searching for files in a database containing ~500,000 files or more causes high CPU usage
Build 17 (May 18, 2011)
  • Fixed: Apostrophe is now allowed in emails and in the personal address book(ex: o'
  • Fixed: Subject line of new user emails now accepts dynamic tags (ex: {USERFULLNAME})
  • Fixed: Display field ID in error message when a field ID contains a reserved word
  • Fixed: Error when there is no FTP site defined
  • Fixed: 2 emails sent when user status is changed by admin
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct v2.8.1 Build 14 (02/03/2011 1525)
Build 16 (April 19, 2011)
  • Fixed: Java Applets not loading in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)
  • Fixed: Java Applets not loading in Firefox 4 (FF4) on Mac
  • Fixed: In Workflow, IE9 not able to download PDF files in https
  • Fixed: Auto detect doesn't fall back to HTTP when connecting to third party (3PP) FTP server
  • Fixed: In Webmail, unwanted filter error message on submit job when the recipinet field contains a trailing comma. Trailing comma is added when selecting contacts from auto-complete
  • Improved: Maximum upload size is now shown on the upload screen
Build 15 (April 8, 2011)
  • Fixed: Users with Job Submission Only Status and no Groups see an exception when they login
  • Improved: Added ability to upload up-to 15 files with form upload
  • Improved: Maximum number of files allowed for upload now works with form upload and Java Applet
  • Fixed: Searching for a job by Job ID, when a job is not found
  • Fixed: Administrators can now set the password for users with blank password who are not directory members
Build 14 (April 4, 2011)
  • Added error checking for reserved SQL keywords for fieldnames
  • Fixed CSS errors on Edit New User Template
  • New remote admin applet
  • Added error checking to validate the path for group path folder
Build 13 (April 1, 2011)
  • FIXED: Fixes bug on applets when transfer mode is auto and HTTP fallback would not kick in.
Build 12 (March 30, 2011)
  • FIXED: Starting FCWEB on servers that don't have an internet connection fails.
Build 11 (March 28, 2011)
  • FIXED: Choose File Area Drop Down not always appearing
Build 10 (March 25, 2011)
  • NEW: New User Templates, allow administrators to define default settings and/or groups for new accounts, separate settings can be defined for the following user types: regular, AD/LDAP, Single Sign-on, Guest Account
  • NEW: In Workflow Only, a new recipient field type was added. The presence of the recipient field in an order form modifies the functionality of Workflow to allow it to send files to any recipient with a valid email address. The recipient (which must be a valid email address) will automatically receive a new email notification containg the download link of the submitted files. This feature adds Webmail functionality in Workflow.
  • NEW: Internal FTP server was replaced with FileCatalyst Direct Server. The internal FTP server doesn't provide acceleration, however it does offer file integrity checks and the administration is fully integrated with FCWEB.
  • NEW: Fully integrated remote administration of any FileCatalyst Direct Server integrated with FCWEB. When FCWEB is integrated with FileCatalyst Direct Server, administration of the Direct server can be accomplished within a single admin interface in FCWEB.
  • NEW: Ability to mirror users database in FileCatalyst Direct Server. Whenever a new user is modified or created in FCWEB, the account information can automatically be mirrored in the associated Direct server (including the Internal FTP Server)
  • NEW: When logged in as admin, jobs can be modified from the job information popup screen. The following functions can now be accessed from the View Job Popup Screen: Get files, edit job status, delete job.
  • NEW: New Option was added to Job Status Fields, "Show to Users" with this option certain jobs can be hidden from the users whenever the status with this option is selected.
  • NEW: Support for subnets in CIDR format for the list of allowed IP's for super admin, regular admin and SSO. Example: will cover all IP's
  • NEW: Automatic downgrade to TCP if UDP transfer fails even if the auto-detection discovered that UDP is possible.
  • NEW: Improved look of FileArea Applet, the FileArea Applet now uses system icons appropriate to the Operating System it is running on.
  • Improved: Look and Icons of some admin pages.
  • Fixed: All Applets re-sigend with the new applet certificate to expire in Feb. 2013
  • Fixed: Uploading of files larger than 300MB via HTML form
  • Fixed: Re-sending jobs in Webmail sometimes fails.
  • Fixed: MY_FILE_AREA system group functionality not always working
  • Experimental new feature: Support for uploads from mobile devices, please provide us comments if you try to use FCWEB with your smart phone or tablet.

Version 4.5

Known Issues:
  • Enable SSL on the Internal FC Server is broken, standalone FC Server has to be used if SSL is required
Build 5 (November 25, 2010)
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Tomcat versions 4 and 5
  • Fixed: Help pages for Edit Language and Edit Date Format are now working
Build 4 (November 19, 2010)
  • Fixed: submitting files from file area when MY_FILE_AREA system group is not present
  • Fixed: Required and Hidden fields when submitting jobs from HotFolder / Outlook Plugin / FCWeb API
  • Fixed: Download page in Webmail now reports correct file sizes
Build 3 (November 15, 2010)
  • NEW: Ability to overwrite the path to Storage folder. New System group specific for MY_FILE_AREA can be created where the path to file area can be overwritten
  • NEW: Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) action now supports SSO reverse proxy headers (if enabled)
  • NEW: Ability to pass parameters containing field values and form name to logon.jsp and
  • NEW: Ability to configure system date format, using the language file you can now specify the date format of the date picker widget
  • Improved: Form Upload now handles UTF-8 characters in the file name
  • Improved: Built-in help system contains now more details, press the help icon from any page in the application
  • Improved: Stability on Mac
  • Improved: In Webmail auto-complete of email addresses on the new upload page now works when a white space is typed in the search string
  • Fixed: Remove Upload Option from right-click menu when upload is disabled in File Area
  • Fixed: Auto-Delete thread adds too much text to the system log
  • Fixed: Wrong order form shown when initiating a new job from file area
  • Fixed: Required fields not working properly when submitting a job via HotFolder
  • Improved Security: Files are uploaded to FTP root instead of the job folder when the transfer in HTTP mode is interrupted multiple times
  • Improved Security: Don't display FTP username in the Java Console Log

Version 4.4.5

Known Issues:
  • Enable SSL on the Internal FC Server is broken, standalone FC Server has to be used if SSL is required
  • In Webmail Address Book Error when the address book is empty
  • Wrong order form shown when initiating a new job from file area
  • Required fields not working properly when submitting a job via HotFolder
Build 2 (September 23, 2010)
  • NEW: file upload method (Java Applet or Form Upload) can now be set per individual user
  • Improved: Sound notification when a new job is submitted in Workflow
  • Improved: Performence of database calls when saving multiple files for a job
  • Fixed: Read/Write Groups permission issue
  • Fixed: Certain transactions in View Recent Changes in File Area are sometimes missing
  • Fixed: Java Applets not working in Firefox on Mac

Version 4.4.4

Build 7 (August 17, 2010)
  • NEW: Job history now shows the protocol and if SSL encryption was used by the applet during the file upload
  • NEW in Webmail: Option added for password field 'igonorepasswordpolicy' which will ignore the global password settings on the upload form
  • Fixed: Connectivity to third party FTP servers
  • Fixed: Connectivity issues for FTPS servers
  • Fixed: Auto-detection of protocol (UDP,FTP,HTTP) in Java Applets
  • Fixed: In Webmail Download Password field was always required even it was set as not required on the upload form
Build 4 (July 23, 2010)
  • NEW: Job history now shows the version of the Java Applet loaded by the client (this helps to identify any potential caching issues)
  • NEW In Webmail: Ability to set the recipients field to a drop-down select, instead of a free-type textarea
  • NEW: Option added to "date" field 'allowpastdate' which allows to select dates in the past
  • Improved Security: All applet parameters related to connection are now hidden from the user
  • Improved Security: Various security improvements to HTTP Servlet Protocol
  • Improved: Upgraded the FileCatalyst Server and Java Applets
  • Improved: Better security checks for various events in the application
  • Fixed: Save Button Missing in Edit Internal FTP Server
  • Fixed In Webmail: Downloading of packages containing links AND actual files resulted in 0 byte files being created on the recipient's computer
  • Fixed: Up Directory button broken in the File Area Applet on the remote side.

Version 4.4.3 (June 17, 2010)

  • NEW: Added new default account status for new LDAP users
  • NEW: Added general setting option to allow users to self register. Clients do not need to hide the register here link through CSS
  • NEW: Made Review Recent Changes link more prominent on the file area screen
  • NEW: Internal FileCatalyst Server logs are now stored in the config folder
  • Improved: Deployed 2.7.7 FileCatalyst Server and Java Applets
  • Improved: Better security checks for various events in the application
  • Fixed: Regular Admins are unable to access certain Group Folders
  • Fixed: deleting files from the file list of the re-ordered job cause the original job files to be deleted.
  • Fixed: HTTP downloads through the download applet not working when a linked folder from a group was submitted
  • Fixed: submitting of folder from the two way applet while CD-ed into that folder
  • Fixed: Java Multicode Security warning popup when running the File Area Applet
  • Fixed: Sending folders from Group Folders when the Group folder is defined as slash /
  • Fixed: The most recent changes to file area where not visible until the recent changes page was refreshed

Version 4.4.2 (April 30, 2010)

  • NEW: Ability to submit or send folders from File Area
  • NEW: applet parameters can be stored on a per-site basis for deployments with multiple servers. Applet paramters are now also saved during upgrades
  • NEW (Webmail): elegant sortable table for download packages
  • NEW (Webmail): Email alerts for users accessing download page (separate from download completion)
  • NEW: Filter and restrict administrative access by IP
  • NEW: Regex filtering for permitted file types, you can now filter which file extensions may be submitted
  • NEW: view history log for personal and group file area
  • Improved: various minor improvements to Java applets
  • Fixed: Address Book not being served over HTTPS for Internet Explorer 6

Version 4.4 (Feb 19, 2010)

  • Outlook Plugin is now officially released - Webmail only.
  • Java API, you can now submit jobs via any third party Java Application
  • Temporary accounts, designated users can now “invite others” to the system, this triggers an invitation sent via email and the new account is set to automatically expire after a predefined number of days
  • Automatic deletion of expired user accounts (for both temp and regular users)
  • Ability to specify User Account expiry date
  • New user status added – “File Area only no job entry”, when a user is in this status they will not have the ability to submit jobs. Only access to file area is shown
  • Database Connection Pooling
  • Return first order form found for the user instead of default order form for HotFolder/Plugin/API job submissions
  • Capture FTP logs when uploading links, PDF and XML files
  • Wait retry when uploading links,PDF and XML files
  • In Webmail, simplified the download links sent to the recipient, new links look like: this helps to by-pass some phishing/SPAM filters
  • Improved logging when re-ordering a job
  • New filter on user list, allows admins to filter the user list by user status, full access, job entry only, temp user etc...
  • Fixed installers to work with Windows7 and 64 bit systems.
  • Improved performance of all SQL statements

Version 4.3.1 (Oct 27, 2009)

  • Public BETA release of FileCatalyst Plugin for Microsoft Outlook - Webmail only.
  • Improved retry and resume when transferring files with the Java Applets.
  • Added the ability to show upload time, number of files, total file size and upload bitrate on the job list and on the job details pop-up screen.
  • Added a new Global Address Book Setting - "Show Global Address Book to Directory users only" - Webmail only
  • Import of CSV files to Global Address book is now more robust
  • Added ability to display company name on Admin job list page
  • Fixed resending jobs when the original files were uploaded with form upload
  • Fixed deleting and registering new users when Internal FC Server is disabled
  • Fixed auto-zip in the upload applet
  • Fixed Sorting users by company name and Status
  • Fixed Anonymous access to the download page when anonymous access is disabled in General Settings - in Webmail only.
  • Fixed a problem in Workflow with form selection not showing when a user was submitting files from File Area, and the user was part of Group with a Private Order form
  • Fixed Job Path location in Workflow

Version 4.3 (July 7, 2009)

  • Add information on how much memory is used to the log, the entry is added to the log every 30 minutes
  • Added ability for FTP Logs from the applet to be sent to the server - parts of the Java Console Logs are now sent to the server, the server will store them for 14 days.
  • Add RSYNC for HTTP uploads
  • In FTP/FC Server Location, add Ability to overwrite the target folder for Job files - Workflow feature only
  • In FTP/FC Server Location, add ability to overwrite the target location of PDF Files - Workflow Feature Only
  • Upgraded library used to generate PDF (iText 2.1.5)
  • Upgraded Internal HSQL to 1.8.0
  • Upgraded Internal FC Server to version 2.7.2
  • Upgraded all the applets to 2.7.3 (FCWEB)
  • Added additional security to FTP Servlet, all connections without a valid session will rejected
  • Allow absolute urls for loading images in fc download applet in Webmail
  • Fixed default values on order form not showing
  • Fixed functionality of locked fields within the order form
  • Fixed Add Existing files problem In Workflow Standard (no drop down)
  • Fixed uploading files to 3rd party FTP server (such as IIS) using fc upload and 2-way applet
  • Add Confirm Overwrite dialog when uploading to 3rd party FTP servers
  • Add Confirm Resume when uploading to 3rd party FTP servers
  • Display Order Form name in Email Notifications for new Job {ORDERFORMNAME}

Version 4.2 (Mar 17, 2009)

  • Global address book in Webmail
  • Ability to import address book contacts from csv in Webmail
  • "Private Order Form" ability to restrict order form to group members only in Workflow
  • Re-signed and updated all the applets, new applet certificate will expire in March 2011
  • Added bandwidth tunning parameters in the user profile - only visible if acceleration is enabled
  • Ability to sort group list by group name
  • Auto clean up of /uploadtemp and config/backup folders
  • Display memory usage information on the About page
  • Fixed a problem with Tomcat logs growing very fast
  • Added additional security to HTTP file transfers
  • Fixed job submission via HotFolder
  • Auto Clean-up of HSQL
  • Fixed HTTP form upload bug
  • Fixed bug with "Isolate Groups"
  • Increased the detail of system log

Version 4.1.1 (Dec 5, 2008)

  • In Webamil, fixed https downloads for Internet Explorer 6/7. Internet Explorer cannot download message would appear when saving a file in https
  • Fixed UDP downloads stalling in two way applet

Version 4.1 (Nov 14, 2008)

  • Added the ability to upload/download entire directory structures
  • Ability to assign Order Forms to Groups
  • Added ability to auto update when the application is installed on Windows
  • In Web Workflow show a link to display PDF on the job list
  • In Webmail, apply password properties to the download password field
  • Add a selection of job statuses in Auto-Delete (previous versions only allowed to auto delete Incomplete and Closed jobs)
  • Improved auto-deletion now it's faster and more efficient
  • Fixed a number of authentication issues when both LDAP/AD and Internal Database were enabled
  • Don't check for password properties for LDAP/AD accounts
  • Improved auto detection for transfer protocol (the switch between FTP,UDP,HTTP is now faster)
  • Fix email server properties it now works with SMTP authentication
  • Added a nice user type legend in the user list
  • Improved Session Monitor with added ability to drop sessions
  • Lowered the session timeout down to 60 minutes (previous versions had 180 minutes)

Version 4.0.2 (July 14, 2008)

  • New Self Installers added for Windows, now the entire application can be setup on Windows in less then 10 minutes
  • Detailed Getting Started Guides are now included with the installers
  • Fixed resizing issue, where the logout button would go off the screen if there were many extra columns added to the transaction list
  • Overall display was compacted to better fit on screens with lower resolutions.
  • Register Here, Forgot Password, Add New User buttons are now invisible when Active Directory or LDAP is only enabled
  • Fixed Error when LDAP/AD was enabled but was not selected in the Login Switch
  • Fixed + in the downloaded file names instead of white space
  • Removed Submit Button in File Area for Group Folders with Write only access
  • Fixed Create New Folder, Delete Folder buttons in File Area not being visible
  • Fixed: Internet Explorer showing "This page contains insecure elements" warning in https://
  • Fixed: File Area button showing when there was no File Area access for the user
  • Fixed a problem creating new user folders on IIS FTP when uploading via FC Upload Applet
  • Fixed HTTP uploads to FTP servers that don't support RESUME

Version 4.0.0 (June 13, 2008)

  • New user template with new branding and simplified user interface
  • New admin template
  • Users can be part of Multiple Groups
  • Admins can assign maximum bandwidth and default transfer protocol for each user
  • Improved Group Permissions including Read / Write permissions, Group folder location and FTP Server Location
  • New File Area applet, based on the 2-way FileCatalyst applet, it includes: UDP Acceleration, RSYNC (delta transfers), Auto-detect connection with HTTP fallback, On-the-fly compression and Progrssive Transfers
  • New Upload and Download applets with Acceleration, Auto-detect connection with HTTP fallback and On-the-fly compression
  • Direct Access to user's storage folder from Admin
  • New licensing format based on the server hardware rather than on IP address
  • LDAP/AD over SSL
  • Authentication switch, that supports both Directory and Internal Database users
  • Added support for Opera and Safari (Mac) web browsers on user side only, admins still need to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox.

3.5.6 (Feb 14th, 2008)

  • Fixed a problem where super admin would go to the regular user view, without having an option to switch back to admin view. When "Admin login as regular user" option was set in General Settings.
  • Updated all applets to function with Mac OSX 10.3 or higher - FireFox - Safari (also fixed refresh issues)
  • Hot Folder can now submit files into both Webmail and Web Workflow

3.5.5 (Jan 15th, 2008 - last release as Files2U)

  • Fixed problem sending files from subfolders of the user file area and group folders
  • Fixed issue switching files from "sent" to "sent and received" after download
  • Admin can now see full transaction list after switching to user mode and back
  • Fixed a problem where more then ~200 files couldn't be selected from File Area

3.5.4 (Dec 14th, 2007)

  • Contacts / email address book, will allow senders to store their email contacts in the application.
  • Allow system administrators to send files, by switching between admin and user interface.
  • Support for non Roman (non ASCII) characters, all encoding will be handled in UTF-8.

3.5.3 (August 2007)

  • Fixed a bug with "Click Here to Activate this Control" in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a bug with files not getting deleted when a job is deleted
  • Fixed the Re-Send function
  • Integrated FileCatalyst Server

3.5.1 (March 2007)

  • Downloading files larger the 2GB is now possible using both the download applet and the http links. The physical download limit of http links is now 9.6GB. There is no limit when downloading through the applet.
  • Fixed a bug where downloading more then 600 files via the download applet didn't work
  • Added added automatic email notification when a user profile is changed.
  • Fixed Contact Operator function for anonymous users
  • Added Download Files link to the login screen
  • Added a more user friendly error message when an invalid tracking number is entered on the download screen.
  • Fixed a problem with active Directory when an account was a member of multiple groups
  • Fixed a problem with email notifications not working if there are more then 10 recipients

3.4.0 (Aug 2006)

  • SMTP Proxy
  • Automated transfers with HotFolder
  • User and Admin Groups
  • Email Authentication required to Download Files
  • FTP Accounts to access My File Area
  • Email Notifications can be turned on/off by the sender
  • End users can select default download method

3.3.0 (March 2006)

  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • LDAP support and Active Directory support
  • Built-in FileCatalyst server for enhanced coupling with Files2U.

3.2.0 (Nov 2005)

  • Automatic job archival
  • Download PIN
  • Automatic job deletion
  • Automatic purging of archival
  • Download status email notification to anonymous users

3.1.0 (Feb 2005)

  • Reporting
  • Option to select default upload/download method
  • Registered users
  • Improved look and feel
  • Download Password

3.0.0 (Aug 2004)

  • Initial release as Files2U included email rules and IP filters