Additional functionality in FileCatalyst Direct About Dialog
Posted by Chris Kuhlman, Last modified by Aly Essa on 30 September 2016 04:02 PM


Additional functionally has been added to our About FileCatalyst dialog in our Direct Suite for the FileCatalyst HotFolder, FileCatalyst Server, and FileCatalyst Express applications.

When accessing the About FileCatalyst dialog using the Help button in either FileCatalyst HotFolder, Server or Express GUI you will now see platform information, Java version and application versions. Additionally, these are the following buttons and description of their behaviors:

  • Show License: The product license details will be displayed in a dialog window.

  • Save Info to Log Location: This button copies the Java version, application version, platform information and license details to a file in the log location.

  • Open Log Location: It opens a window that will navigate you to the location of the log folder in your operating system.

  • Close: The About FileCatalyst dialog window will close and return you to the user interface of the application you are using.


FileCatalyst Server v3.6 and later.

FileCatalyst Express v3.6 and later.

FileCatalyst HotFolder v3.6 and later.