Setting FileCatalyst Direct Applications to Ignore App Nap Feature in MacOSX
Posted by Chris Kuhlman, Last modified by Aly Essa on 02 February 2017 03:06 PM


When running FileCatalyst Express on MacOSX 10.10 or newer, transfers will stop sending data when the application is not in focus. Losing focus is defined as sending the Application GUI behind other applications, minimizing them or generally not having the GUI on top and active for other applications that may be running. This occurs when the stand alone version of the FileCatalyst Application is running and the Service has not been started, installed or enabled. This issue is due to a change that Mac introduced in a recent OS update and how Mac handles applets and applications.

This behavior has also been observed in FileCatalyst Server, FileCatalyst HotFolder, and FileCatalyst TransferAgent. The behaviour described has only been observed and tracked in the versions of the OS and FileCatlayst Applications listed in the Environment Section.


FileCatalyst Express v3.6 and later.

FileCatalyst Server v3.6 and later.

FileCatalyst HotFolder v3.6 and later.

FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 and later.

MacOSX 10.10 and later.


To address this you need to instruct the FileCatalyst Express client or other FileCatalyst Applications to deactivate the App Nap feature. Use the following instructions to deactivate this feature:

  1. Close all FileCatalyst Applications you wish to modify.
  2. Locate the or FileCatalyst<AppName>.app using Finder. 
  3. Right click the or FileCatalyst<AppName>.app and select Get Info.
  4. From the dialog box click Prevent App Nap. When the application is relaunched this change will take effect.

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