How to Expire a Download Link in FileCatalyst Workflow
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There are many steps to limit access to a download page when using FileCatalyst Workflow. The current behavior of the application will not expire links to the download page automatically. This guide will walk you through the steps to disable the download link the client receives in their email. There are some limitations to this solution:

  • If you send a job with multiple files, for example, 5 files and the user that receives the package only downloads 3 out of 5 files,  the Job Status will never change status to Shipped or Sent and Received.
  • If you have multiple recipients, for example, 5 email addresses, the link will not expire until ALL users have downloaded ALL the files that were sent in the Job Submission.

If the conditions stated above are met, then the Job Status will change, to Shipped.


FileCatalyst Workflow v4.9 and later.


With the solution supplied in this article, the download page becomes inaccessible after the Job Status changes to Shipped. Each Job Submission has a variety of Statuses that can be assigned depending on what state the Job is in. Use the following steps to deploy this solution:

  1. Login as Super Admin User. By default, it is Init.
  2. Click Modify Configuration in the top menu bar.
  3. Navigate to the Job Status Fields link under the Job Configuration section.
  4. Uncheck the box corresponding to either Shipped or Sent and Received Field under the Downloadable column. If you wish to disable access to the download page for any other status you can edit them in this section.
  5. Hit the Save button.


This article can also be combined with adding and expiry date or time to a Job Form. Combining the two solutions will provide a more thorough way of specifying an expiry to the download link. Use the following link to this article to deploy the solution:

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