Errors Launching HotFolder Admin Applets in Firefox from Central
Posted by Aly Essa, Last modified by Aly Essa on 23 May 2017 09:30 AM
There is a known issue with Firefox's implementation of Java, whereby if you attempt to simultaneously launch multiple identical Remote Administration applets from within Central, each instance will show the UI of the first applet launched.

For example:

You have two FileCatalyst HotFolders with identical build numbers. They are both connected to FileCatalyst Central.
Navigate to the Nodes page and reveal the HTML UI for the first node (by clicking its name in the table), and then click its "Launch Applet" button. The HTML UI is revealed for the second node and click its Launch Applet button before the first one has fully loaded.
Once they have finished loading, you will see the correct UI for the first one, but you will also see the first node's UI in the second one (rather than its own proper UI).

FileCatalyst Central v3.7 and newer.
Firefox v50 and newer

To overcome this limitation, you may do one of two things:

1. Use a different Java-capable browser, such as Internet Explorer (not Edge).
2. Wait for the first UI to fully load before attempting to load a second UI with the same product and build number.

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