How to Change the FileCatalyst Workflow Default Font to Google Web Font
Posted by Jeyram Sachchithananthan, Last modified by Aly Essa on 13 December 2017 08:32 AM

The FileCatalyst Workflow pages are formatted to use the font Arial by default. This article will demonstrate how to use the Google Web Font as your default.

Please note that these changes are being made to a template directly and may not be preserved on an upgrade.

FileCatalyst Workflow v4.9 and later.

This can be achieved by editing the Template Source. Steps listed below are meant to change the font to SOURCE SANS PRO. 

  1. Log in as init or the SuperAdmin user.
  2. Click on Modify Configuration and navigate to Edit Template Source.
  3. Locate the <head> tag.
  4. Insert the Google Font stylesheet into the head tag:

    <link href="" rel="stylesheet">

  1. In the head tag, also insert a style tag (or use their existing one if they have one) with new body rule:


                        body, .defaultHeader, .defaultButton, .taContainer { font-family: "Source Sans Pro", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif }

                        body { font-size: 16px; /* Source Sans is a small-looking font, so up-sizing the default. */ }

                        .defaultButton { font-size: 14px; /* slightly smaller text on standard buttons works well */ }


  1. Save the edited template.
  2. Log out and log in as a user. You need to clear your browser's cache to observe the changes.