How to fix the TransferAgent Certificate Expiry Issue
Posted by Jeyram Sachchithananthan, Last modified by Aly Essa on 19 June 2019 02:18 PM

The certificate within the TransferAgent Client for the DNS "" expired as of 07/17/2018. This issue can be seen in v3.7.1 and older TransferAgent Client releases.
FileCatalyst TransferAgent running older versions will start showing the following warning dialog of an expired SSL certificate:



FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.1 and older.


There are two options available to fix the issue described above.

  1. Upgrade the FileCatalyst TransferAgent to v3.7.2.

    You will need to download the latest FileCatalyst TransferAgent installer from our website FileCatalyst Download Portal.

    Contact your FileCatalyst Sales Representative in order to obtain the username and password or login in the Support Portal and hit the Get Download Credentials Button.

    Locate and download the FileCatalyst TransferAgent installer based upon your Operating System.

  2. Upgrade the certificate .keystore file from within the TransferAgent's Installation folder. The .keystore file can be downloaded from the following location: 

    Contact your FileCatalyst Sales Representative in order to obtain the username and password or login in the Support Portal and hit the Get Download Credentials Button.

    1. Shut down the FileCatalyst TransferAgent application, Replace the existing .keystore with the file downloaded above under the following location based upon the Operating System and the method of Installation:

      • Windows:
        • Admin Installations:   \<path to>\FileCatalyst TransferAgent\
        • Non-admin Installations:  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\FileCatalyst\FileCatalyst TransferAgent\ 

      • Mac OSX:
        • Keystore file location: /Applications/

      • Linux:
        • Installation location: /opt/utechsoft/transferagent/

    2. Once you have replaced the .keystore file you can verify this change in a browser. The browser warning will disappear and the certificate should be validated as below:

      The browser will also show that the communications are secure with a green lock:

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