How to use email “Link” with Amazon SES 
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FileCatalyst Direct provides the ability to create an email "Link" that is sent out to a recipient list which is specified when the link is created. Upon receiving the “Link”, the recipient will be able to open the email and get access to the files.

The following article will guide you through the process of configuring Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) to be used with the FileCatalyst Server Link module.


FileCatalyst Direct v3.7.3 and newer.
Amazon Corretto 8 must be installed.

Please note that it is mandatory that the FileCatalyst Direct Server is deployed in a cloud environment.


Note: You will need to have enabled and tested Amazon SES within the FileCatalyst Direct Server. Please check this guide: How to use Amazon SES for Email notifications

  1. Configure your SMTP settings in the FileCatalyst Server Remote Admin under the Email Settings tab.
  1. The recipient needs to have access to the network where the FileCatalyst Direct Server resides. Therefore you will need to enable the IP Masquerade feature. This is located in the Advanced tab. Check the box to Enable Masquerade Address and enter your Public IP.
  1. The domain(s) or email addresses of sender and recipient(s) must previously have to be validated under Amazon SES, otherwise, even though the screen shows “link” creation succeeds, the recipient will never receive the email.

  2. The email received by the recipient is similar to the one below, and then you will only need to click on the “link” to download the files:

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