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Advisory: Removing SFTP (Apache MINA) from FileCatalyst Server
Posted by Aly Essa, Last modified by Aly Essa on 18 September 2020 09:46 AM

For the last decade, we have embedded an SFTP module inside our FileCatalst Server which was sourced using the Apache MINA libraries. Security has been a foremost concern for our clients and in our last few releases, we have tried to harden our security, for example making all our software TLSv1.2 complaint out of the box.  This is possible since we can control the source code.

SFTP is highly secure and requires consistent updates to maintain the security level. The update schedule for Apache does not always match our delivery schedule. This is one of the most important factors of why we will be sun-setting this feature on November 30, 2020.

There are many other vendors who specialize in SFTP delivery and we encourage you to use them, our focus will be towards making accelerated file transfer secure, more reliable and easier to use. If you have any questions regarding how this change will affect your deployment, please reach out to your FileCatalyst Account Executive 


FileCatalyst Server v3.8.2 and newer.
All Windows, macOS and Linux versions.

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