Measure Network Throughput and Disk testing using IPERF3
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FileCatalyst is a file transfer acceleration tool, like any software it is still limited by the performance of the hardware and the network it is used on. If you are trying to achieve speeds faster than 1 Gbps, with FileCatalyst this article was meant for you. If you need to transfer files faster than 1Gbps, before you install FileCatalyst, use IPERF3 to make sure that your system is clean and has no bottlenecks.

A tool like IPERF3 can be used to identify the bottlenecks or problems that might occur during the transfer. IPERF3 is a free open source tool, widely used for measurements of the maximum achievable throughput between point-to-point connections and it can be used with TCP and UDP protocols.

When trying to transfer files to and from different locations bottlenecks can occur. Poor throughput can happen either at the network level or the storage level (normally when writing and reading from disk). IPERF3 will help you to troubleshoot these problems before you even install FileCatalyst. IPERF3 can also be used to validate that your firewall is properly configured to allow FileCatalyst to work at optimal speed. 

IPERF3 probing will save a lot of time during the installation and configuration of FileCatalyst, firewall configuration and storage configuration. We recommend having clean IPERF3 logs before attempting to install FileCatalyst.

We recommend run IPERF3 under these two scenarios:

  1. For new installations and when leading a proof of concept (POC).
  2. Troubleshoot performance problems. 
Please download the attached PDF for the full guide.

 IPERF3 Bandwidth Testing.pdf (1.63 MB)