UTF-8 characters fail in transfer
Posted by Greg Pettit, Last modified by Aly Essa on 04 August 2016 12:03 PM

The FileCatalyst Direct software now allows for transfer of files encoded with UTF-8, including contents and filenames. Files with Japanese or Korean names, for example, may be transferred using FileCatalyst.

* The problem: you are trying to distribute files encoded with a UTF-8 filename, but the recipient is either unable to download or sees garbled characters instead of the expected characters (for example, Japanese).

* The solution: support for UTF-8 must be enabled/installed on each machine in the distribution path.

A successful transfer must look like this:

HotFolder Upload (machine with UTF-8 support) -> Server (machine with UTF-8 support) -> HotFolder or other Download client (machine with UTF-8 support)

A failure will occur if there is a machine without UTF-8 support anywhere in that chain. For example: one machine with UTF-8 and HotFolder installed sends a file to a server without UTF-8 support installed, the server's file system will not be able to write the filenames correctly and in many cases will also corrupt the file. Any further attempts to use the uploaded file, either directly on the server, or after a download has been made to another machine with HotFolder (regardless of whether the 2nd HotFolder's machine has UTF-8 support enabled) will fail.