Unable to send files to multiple recipients
Posted by Greg Pettit, Last modified by Josh Tavares on 29 September 2016 04:28 PM

With older versions of our web applications, users might enter a large number of recipients into their list (exceeding 256 characters), resulting in the error:

Error saving transaction, Exception saving job, Data truncation: Data too long for column 'RecipeintEmail' at row 1

This means that the 30 emails exceeded the maximum length of the field in the database. The data type for the recipient's field needs to be changed, thusly:

On the Server go to Start - All Programs - MYSQL Administrator

Login to localhost as root, with an appropriate password.

In MySQL Admin go to Catalogues - fcweb (or other name for your database if applicable; for example, doctera)

Double-click on Doctera_Jobs

Scroll down until you see Recipeint_Email

Change the Data type from VARCHAR(255) to TEXT. Save and apply the changes.

The transaction with a long email recipient list should then start working. The side effect of this change is that the database will grow a bit faster, but if you have plenty of disk space this shouldn’t be an issue.

Update Nov 8th, 2010
If you don't have MySQL Admin installed, you can alter the table using mysql command line interface. Simply type in mysql at command prompt
Than connect "your+db_name";
Than type in:
ALTER TABLE doctera_jobs CHANGE COLUMN RecipeintEmail RecipeintEmail TEXT NULL DEFAULT NULL ;

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