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Choosing The Right EC2 Instance for FileCatalyst Server
Posted by Aly Essa, Last modified by Aly Essa on 15 July 2021 02:16 PM


Many customers are moving from an on-premise installation to a cloud-based solution. The FileCatalyst Server is a powerful tool that accelerates file transfers to your Amazon EC2 instance and can also write directly to an S3 bucket.

Your instance should be sized correctly to allow the Server to reach its full potential. If the size of your EC2 instance does not meet the requirements it can lead to slow transfer speeds, dropped packets, loss of connectivity and this all equates to an inefficient workflow. We have attached a PDF to this article which will outline our best practices and configurations for your FileCatalyst Server.


Amazon AWS Linux

FileCatalyst Server


Please download the attached PDF for the full overview.

 How-to-choose-a-VM-in-AWS-cloud.pdf (230.36 KB)