FileCatalyst Recovery Items
Posted by Chris Kuhlman, Last modified by Aly Essa on 14 April 2021 09:59 AM


This document outlines the files and folders that are needed for a recovery scenario.



FileCatalyst Direct Suite v3.4 and later.



FileCatalyst Direct Server:

  • Data
    Assuming your data is not being stored on a mounted device with its own backup process, the data directory will need to be backed up.

  • Database
    FileCatalyst Server database is labelled .fcdb. This is backed up internally in our \FileCatalyst Server\backup\ folder daily and on service restarts.

  • Configuration
    FileCatalyst Server uses a file labelled fcconf.conf. This is backed up internally in our \FileCatalyst Server\backup\ folder daily.

FileCatalyst HotFolder:

  • Configuration
    We use a configuration file named fchf.conf. This backed up internally in the \FileCatalyst HotFolder\backup\ folder daily.
    Additionally, HotFolder uses three XML files which are also backed up daily:

    • hotfolders.xml
    • sites.xml
    • schedule.xml

FileCatalyst Workflow (or Webmail):

  • Data
    The data will be stored on the associated FTP server. This will be either external (on the same hardware, or remote) or internal. 
    Internal data will be stored in \workflow-config\ftproot\ or \fcweb-config\ftproot\, depending on your product.

  • Database
    The database is your MySQL backend and dump files can be scheduled with MySQL Workbench tool.
    If you have not yet migrated from the default HSQL Database to a MySQL Database you must do so. The HSQL Database is for testing purposes only and is not intended for use in a production environment.

  • Workflow (Webmail) Configuration
    All of the necessary files are located in \workflow-config\ or \fcweb-config\, depending on the product. The specific path to the Configuration Folder is located under the About FileCatalyst page in the FileCatalyst Workflow (or Webmail) deployment.