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FileCatalyst Workflow Release Notes

  • Open JDK 8 (Amazon Corretto) is now required. Tomcat 8.0.X or 9.0.X are now required. Java 9, 7 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6,v7,v8.5 are NOT supported.
  • Third party FTP Servers are no longer supported (including IIS-FTP, Filezilla, ProFTPd and others)
  • FileCatalyst Remote Web Admin must be enabled on the Direct Server and the web port must be provided in Workflow.
  • Webmail WAR file is no longer produced.
  • FileCatalyst Direct Server 3.7.3 or higher supported
  • Older 4.X page templates are no longer supported
  • Java Applets are no longer available as file transfer method (since v5.0)
  • Calculate Pricing features removed

Version 5.1.3

Build 1070 (October 21, 2020)

  • Notice: As of Nov. 30 2020, Windows Installer will no longer be produced, consult FileCatalyst_Web_Tomcat_Installation.pdf on how to install or upgrade FileCatalyst Workflow moving forward
  • Fixed: High packet loss on lower speeds when using TransferAgent
  • Fixed: In TransferAgent installer, the recommended install option does not delete the older version of TransferAgent
  • Fixed: File Area not working in Internet Explorer, support of Internet Explorer will end on Nov. 30th 2020
  • Fixed: Secure Authentication email template does not contain the correct tracking number
  • Fixed: Files uploaded via Request Files upload form, can't be easily identified, rename mask was added for files uploaded via Request Files
  • Fixed: Wrong directory when sending distribution job for files selected from a file area
  • Fixed: Communication error with internal FileCatalyst server on Linux
  • Fixed: The "date" job data field type parses invalid dates incorrectly
  • Fixed: "Request files here" icon appears to users with File Area access only
  • Fixed: Two File Area icons appear on the main user menu when a 'job submission only' user is assigned to a File Area with 'My file Area' option enabled
  • Using: FileCatalyst Direct Server 3.8.1 Build 103
  • Using: FileCatalyst TransferAgent 3.8.1 Build 99

Version 5.1.2

Build 1033 (July 30, 2020)
  • Added: TLS 1.2 support
  • Added: Make temp username more informative when using strict security
  • Added: A scroll bar is added to New Job and File Area drop down menu items when there are many items on the list
  • Added: Remote Admin Applets removed, only HTML Remote Admin is now supported
  • Added: Users and temp users must change password on the next logon when they're sent a new password via email
  • Fixed: View Logs in File Area not working
  • Fixed: Remote Admin Connection to FC Server breaks after upgrading
  • Fixed: Some Tags in email templates get corrupted up when saving non-default email template
  • Fixed: In Form Upload, when XHR upload fails the user is never redirected to error
  • Fixed: Database parameters field not working
  • Fixed: Generating reports on large databases is slow
  • Fixed: Confusing behaviour when TransferAgent shuts down due to inactivity while the web page is still loaded
  • Fixed: mysql-connector updated to version 5.1.49
  • Fixed: Submitting files from file area from a directory starting with _ is no longer allowed
  • Fixed: Alignment for User and Job data fields on anonymous order forms
  • Fixed: Not all dates displayed follow the format set in the language file via button.datePicker.format
  • Fixed: User Profile Changed To User email template doesn't accept locale
  • Fixed: Various end user messages and errors are not getting translated
  • Fixed: The flag "Don't allow to use existing password" doesn't work
  • Fixed: Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS-r) vulnerability
  • Fixed: JQuery was updated
  • Fixed: Contact Operator emails are not getting translated
  • Fixed: for TransferAgent are not respected
  • Fixed: Users can view Address Book Contacts of other users in the system
  • Fixed: PW_USEDPASSWORDS column is cleared if it contains clear text passwords on legacy installations
  • Fixed: Internal FC Server doesn't always work on Linux
  • Fixed: Sensitive information in config.xml is not encrypted
  • Fixed: {INITDIR} {USERNAME} tags in the path to group folder don't work
  • Fixed: Usernames containing a white space are no longer allowed for both temporary and regular users
  • Fixed: Image Video Preview
  • Using: FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.8 Build 11
  • Using: FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.8 Build 10

Version 5.1.1

Build 964 (March 30, 2020)
  • Fixed: FileArea Session logs are not captured on Chrome, due to a code change in Chromium, see Disallow sync XHR on page dismissal
  • Fixed: Date Picker not using user language
  • Fixed: When sending distribution jobs and setting the Expiry Date to today, the link is expired for today. The link should work until midnight of the day the job was sent
  • Fixed: Removed unused library .jar files
  • Fixed: {APPLICATIONROOT} in email templates adds an extra white-space
  • Fixed: Regular Admin View Groups - Open Folder link is broken
  • Fixed: Admin activities for FileAreas are not logged.
  • Fixed: Duplicate required field statements on Edit My profile for end user
  • Fixed: On pages: Edit My Profile, Forgot Password and Invite Others, Submit and Cancel Buttons don't use the correct language
  • Fixed: Not all items are translated on View Job Popup
  • Using: FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 37
  • Using: FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 37

Version 5.1

Build 947 (Jan 31, 2020)
  • Added: "Request Files Here" feature, allows File Area users to Request files from outside users to upload into a chosen folder in a FileArea. Request File Here links can be configured to automatically expire after XX days
  • Added: Ability to set multiple languages, each language is loaded dynamically based on the "Accept-Language" request header Administrators can create any number of language files based on POSIX Locales
  • Added: Text contained in forms, job status and fields can now be loaded as a custom language property, to better support the new multi-language feature
  • Added: Language parameter to email substitution tags, so the email templates can be created in multiple languages. Ex: {JOBINFO#FR}
  • Added: TransferAgent installer now supports MacOS 10.15 Catalina with permission-based access prompts
  • Added: TransferAgent Installer for Windows is now signed with Extended Validation (EV) Certificate
  • Fixed: Users with Job Submission only status, assigned to a group with Shared Folder option checked, don't see the File Area icon in the main menu
  • Fixed: Address Book for admin users is always empty
  • Fixed: Don't delete temp user when a file transfer is ongoing, when navigating away from a file transfer page
  • Fixed: List of users disappears after adding a user to a group
  • Fixed: "Send Selected Files" is broken in IE11
  • Fixed: In-line installer for TransferAgent in IE11
  • Fixed: Download Location shows wrong download path when individual file is downloaded via UDP
  • Fixed: User and password cookies are now secure and http only
  • Fixed: Expired and archived jobs with enhanced security send multiple emails when download link is clicked
  • Fixed: CSR Forgery protection broke links in the emails to admin, user to get files or view PDF for a job. Getting files from an email which contains a link to a tracking number was not affected.
  • Fixed: The max length of FileCatalyst Server ID, Order Form ID, Group ID is now set to varchar(255)
  • Fixed: When Internal FileCatalyst Server is used, and the Super Admin clicks on Remote Admin link, the host value may change
  • Fixed: No error is reported if the Remote Admin Password is wrong in FileCatalyst Server when using 12480 HTTP Admin port
  • Fixed: Error messages disappear on list users when show users per page is changed
  • Fixed: Save merged language files alphabetically
  • Fixed: Selected row in FileArea is now more visible
  • Fixed: recipientemailCC field type not working unless the field ID is RecipientEmailCC
  • Fixed: Missing email notifications when form upload fails
  • Fixed: Two email notifications sent when upload fails via TransferAgent for a new Job
  • Fixed: Request String sometimes is created against a non routable network address
  • Fixed: Job, User Group List, "Add Field" is now alphabetised
  • Fixed: Forgot Password email feature resets password for users with "User Can Change Password" check box unchecked in their profile
  • Fixed: Form upload, shows a cryptic error when maximum number of concurrent connections is exceeded on the Direct Server
  • Using: FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 37
  • Using: FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 37

Note: Tomcat v9.0.19 released on April 12, 2018, is currently not supported. Please use Tomcat v9.0.20 or higher

Version 5.0.5

Build 840 (Aug 2, 2019)
  • Added: New setting "Job File Rename Mask" under FileCatalyst Servers, script execution. To allow mass rename of all the files being uploaded to Workflow
  • Added: Import/Export users to/from CSV
  • Added: XML Transformation based on an XSL file
  • Added: New tag {USERNAME_REPLACE_CHARS} in Job Files Target Location and Job PDF, JSON and XML target location
  • Added: New property to Field was added. Data URL - this option will fetch the data for the given field from a URL
  • Added: New local and public host field for FileCatalyst Servers, to allow better integration with FileCatalyst Server Reverse Proxy
  • Added: REST API is now used for creating temporary users/files on the FileCatalyst Direct Server when Strict Security is turned on. New field added to FileCatalyst Servers - Remote Admin HTTP Port. The time for creating the temporary accounts on FileCatalyst Server was greatly reduced.
  • Fixed: Admin Overview page taking a long time to load
  • Fixed: Broken pagination link on user list
  • Fixed: Locked fields are not locked in order forms
  • Fixed: Edit Contact in Address Book
  • Fixed: Reject files containing reserved characters in the file name
  • Fixed: Make sure that all cookies have secure flag set
  • Fixed: Ability to connect to FC Servers with TLS 1.2 only support
  • Fixed: Set autocomplete=off to all password fields
  • Fixed: Several functional issues with Job Files Target Location and Job PDF, JSON and XML target location
  • Fixed: Pagination for Jobs By Date report
  • Fixed: Content-Security-Policy header
  • Fixed: CSR Forgery protection, session TOKEN added to every link in the application on the end user pages (not admin)
  • Fixed: Message AuthConfigFactory error: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException error when accessing Tomcat 9.0.XX for the first time after deploying Workflow
  • Fixed: Internal Direct Server doesn't startup properly when doing a clean install from the Windows Install file, subsequent restart of Tomcat Service fixes Internal Server issues.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 25
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 25

Version 5.0.4

Build 896 (Mar 4, 2019)
  • Added: Make TA install Optional on download, even if the default download method is set to TA
  • Added: Show FileArea data usage on the admin dashboard and on the data usage summary report
  • Added: Caching of data usage summary report on admin Dashboard
  • Fixed: HotFolder Job submission when Strict Security is enabled
  • Fixed: Updated default upload methods and protocols to TA and auto, make all protocols available even if the method is http download only
  • Fixed: Prevent infinite loop when creating temp user for strict security fails
  • Fixed: Notify sender when the job is downloaded drop-down is now always visible on edit job
  • Fixed: acceptEmail field for user not being saved
  • Fixed: Banned IP filters start blocking all requests under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Don't allow to go from edit job straight to my file area without first cancelling the job
  • Fixed: Minimum and recommended TA versions now work with FileArea
  • Fixed: Fixing null-pointer when password is not provided from HotFolder
  • Fixed: Added trailing slashes to temp user home directory so things will work with accounts pointing to object storage
  • Fixed: Cancelling of form upload form (not octet stream)
  • Fixed: Margin formatting for help text for orderform fields
  • Fixed: Files uploaded using Hotfolder to workflow filearea end up in root when strict security is enabled.
  • Fixed: New account registered does not send email to admin
  • Fixed: putFileLocal when uploading via HTTP Servlet
  • Fixed: Always show preferredServer on the admin side if we have more than one site created
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 14
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 13

Version 5.0.3

Build 867 (Nov 26, 2018)
  • Added: New installer for TransferAgent contains prepackaged with Java Runtime(JRE), JRE is no longer required to be pre-installed on end user's system
  • Added: Ability to filter the email addresses for Distribution jobs based on groups on top of the existing IP based filters
  • Added: Ability to restrict, super admin and regular admin login by IP Ranges (ex. 192.168.1-255.1-255) on top of the existing CIDR filters. Added ability to blacklist IP's and Ranges as well
  • Added: Ability to restrict uploads/download to FileAreas by filename or extension
  • Added: Internet Explorer X-UA-Compatible meta tag to disable IE from running in compatibility mode
  • Added: Support for Jersey 2 - RESTful API
  • Fixed: When a user attempts to use Workflow with TransferAgent that has an expired SSL certificate, they now get properly prompted to upgrade TransferAgent
  • Fixed: Submitting files from FileAreas is not working from Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: All controls for browsing/adding files are disabled once the upload is started with TransferAgent
  • Fixed: Emails failing to send due to a conflict in mail API libraries
  • Fixed: When a user cancels the upload, the redirect goes to Error URL instead of Cancelled URL
  • Fixed: File list pane scrolling in TransferAgent
  • Fixed: Pagination of user list in admin
  • Fixed: Strict Security not working with home accounts pointing to object storage (s3://)
  • Fixed: Multiple problems with Edit File Properties
  • Fixed: LDAP/AD over SSL in Java 8, consult online help for more details
  • Fixed: All Dates on Job Lists follow button.datePicker.format configurable from the language file
  • Fixed: When all the available job status fields are set not to visible to users, users are getting a blank page when they login
  • Fixed: Submit button missing in FileArea when there is only one FileCatalyst Server site defined
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.3 Build 5
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.3 Build 5

Version 5.0.2

Build 783 (July 20, 2018)
  • Fixed: Downloading Individual files via UDP marks the entire job as shipped in Distribution jobs.
  • Fixed: Uploading files over 2GB with form upload reports files size of 1KB
  • Added: Sample code on how to submit jobs with files in FileAreas with the API
  • Fixed: Upgraded Windows Installer with Tomcat 8.0.53
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.2 build 8
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.2 build 8

Version 5.0.1

Build 763 (May 28, 2018)
  • Added: "Test Connection" Button to upload, download and file area.
  • Fixed: Submission of files from sub-folders in FileArea
  • Fixed: Broken redirect to submit and finalize job when address book is disabled in Distribution jobs
  • Fixed: On mobile devices, always redirect to form upload as TransferAgent is not available on any mobile device
  • Fixed: Number of files allowed to upload on mobile devices is now set to 4 instead of 1
  • Fixed: Export Help as HTML
  • Fixed: Date picker on user expiry date selection broken
  • Fixed: Moved maxfiles / maxsize warning to a better place on the upload page
  • Fixed: Custom Header missing on the logon page
  • Fixed: Display "Bandwidth Tuning Properties" on Edit My Profile
  • Fixed: Distribution forms with a blank space will let you continue and upload files without entering an email address
  • Fixed: Logo element in template is now a plane simple img tag
  • Fixed: Sticky Footers
  • Fixed: Minor but highly visible color and style adjustments to themes
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.2 build 8
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.2 build 8

Version 5.0

Build 697 (March 29, 2018)
  • Added: Brand new end user interface based on HTML5
  • Added: Brand new admin Interface based on HTML5
  • Added: Admin Dashboard
  • Added: New templating mechanism, old templates are no longer supported
  • Added: Ability to assign templates to groups
  • Added: Ability to Import/Export Templates
  • Added: Five new templates redesigned from the ground up using HTML5, two of those new templates follow the dark theme (white text on a dark background)
  • Added: Silent Installer for TransferAgent for automated corporate deployments to multiple workstations
  • Added: Delete Selected Files button in FileArea, to delete multiple files with a single click
  • Added: New daily data usage report
  • Added: Remote Admin to the internal FileCatalyst Server now uses HTML5 Admin (not the Java Applet)
  • Fixed: HTML Form upload sometimes fails when many files are selected for upload (8 or more files)
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.2 build 5
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.2 build 5

Version 4.9.9

Java 7 and Tomcat 7.0.59 or higher are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 (not 8.5) are also supported. Java 9 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6, v8.5 and v9 are NOT supported.

Reloading the default language file for 4.9.9 might be required.

Webmail WAR file is no longer produced.

Build 131 (October 25, 2017)

  • Impoved: (Workflow) In-line installer of TransferAgent. All detection and install prompts are more clear and easier to read. The user is also guided through step-by-step images and text on how to install TransferAgent.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Detection to check if TransferAgent is already installed in a web browser gets occasionally frozen, resulting in a never ending progress spinner.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Download link to the installer of TransferAgent is broken in Internet Explorer/Edge in File Area.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) In General settings, open known file types with default application in browser not getting saved.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Android App not finalizing jobs.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.1 build 9
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.1 build 26
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Build 512 (July 5, 2017)

  • Added: (Workflow) Submit files from file areas using API (requires fcapi 3.7.2 or higher).
  • Added: (Workflow) Always enable the FTPS port on the Internal FC Server.
  • Added: (Workflow) Always enable HTTP Access when starting the Internal FC Server.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Strict Security doesn't work with Internal Server
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Don't prompt the end user for upgrade of TransferAgent when connecting with TA 3.7.1
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Memory leak with SessionData objects not getting deleted.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) If you disable Upload JSON On Job Submission it is re-enabled on service restart.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Missing langauge entries for Video Preview.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7.1 build 9
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7.1 build 9
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Build 486 (April 4, 2017)

  • Added: (Workflow) File Area now works with TransferAgent (Java Applets are no longer required to access file areas).
  • Added: (Workflow) TransferAgent now supports Linux.
  • Added: (Workflow) Ability to embed an order form within an iFrame on another web site.
  • Added: (Workflow) Ability to force form upload as the upload method in specific order form.
  • Added: (Workflow) Ability to specify custom CSS with an order form.
  • Added: (Workflow) Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Single file download with UDP now works when Strict Security is enabled.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Apostrophy not working in TransferAgent when set via the language file.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Proper handling of uploads and downloads when strict security is turned on and the end user doesn't start the transfer before the 20 minutes temp account timeout.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Internal Server startup creates corrupt fcconf.conf file
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Strict Security when the FC Home directory uses UNC paths (ex: \\\somefolder\).
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Potential concurrency conflicts when two TransferAgent uploads start exactly at the same time.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.7 build 3
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.7 build 3
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Version 4.9.8

NOTICE: Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 (not 8.5) are also supported. Java 9 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6, v8.5 and v9 are NOT supported.

Build 115 (Febuary 16, 2017)

  • Fixed: (Workflow) Form uploads with iPhone and iPad.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Job Files Target Location with Java Applets and Strict Security.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Downloads with email auth, pin or password not working when manually entering the tracking number on older templates.
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 48
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 48
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Build 113 (January 24, 2017)

  • Fixed: (Workflow) Server stability when Strict Security option is used.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) TransferAgent not working on Mac.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Download files doesn't work with older page templates.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) HTTP fall back servlet now automatically switches between FTP/FTPS as needed
  • Fixed: (Workflow) In TransferAgent added compatibility when Accept-Language header set to es-419
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 48
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 48
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45

Version 4.9.7

NOTICE: Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 (excluding 8.5) are also supported. Java 9 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6, v8.5 and v9 are NOT supported.

Build 437 (December 12, 2016)

  • Fixed: (Workflow) Video Image Preview doesn't work when Tomcat is running on Linux.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Display LDAP/AD port in debug system log as parsed from the configuration.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) _shipped json, xml file creation error when xml.filename.prefix contains either <FILENAME> or <FILENAME.EXTENSION>.

Build 434 (November 7, 2016)

  • Fixed: (Workflow + Webmail) When using Java upload Applet, file name of the uploaded file includes the name of the file + path and all slashes are replaced by "--"
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Strict Security switch now accepts FileCatalyst Servers v3.7

Build 433 (November 3, 2016)

  • Added: (Workflow) Ability to generate low resolution preview of almost any video file sent via a distribution form. (ffmpeg required)
  • Added: (Workflow) Strict Security Switch in General Settings so the proxy FTP account is not passed to the client applications, rather a temporary account is created on the fly. This option requires Filecatalyst Direct Server 3.6 Build 30 or higher and no thrid party FTP servers can't be used.
  • Added: (Workflow) Import of Address Book from LDAP/AD now has a search string for better control on what contacts to automatically import.
  • Added: (Workflow) The event when TransferAgent starts on the client's machine and communicates back to Workflow is now logged in Job History Log both for uploads and downloads.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Custom location of upload temp folder for form uploads.
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Email recipient auto-complete field now works with up/down and enter keys.
  • Added: (Workflow) File name for XML/JSON can now be set to the filename or filename.extension of the first file uploaded for the job.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Updated certificate for Java Applets, New cert will expire in Sept. 2019
  • Fixed: (Workflow) logon_internal.jsp is now disabled if SecureAuth is not turned on.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In Admin pages, Auto-Complete of user/password is now disbaled on pages that require a user/password to another service/system.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Can't set Confirm Step in Distribution jobs when Address book is enabled.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Installing TransferAgent does not require admin rights on Windows.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Form upload will now accept files with reserved characters in the file name: ex: slshaes, |, "<", ">" and change the illegal character to "--"
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Restrict access to uploadtemp folder.
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Some error messages not working for form upload (in form, not Octet-Stream)
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Force the end user to upgrade TransferAgent if not up-to-date.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Transfer Agent progress does not indicate when MD5 verification is occurring.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Updated Workflow API example in the documentation.
  • Fixed: (Webmail) Merged missing langauge entries.
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 46
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 45
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 43

Version 4.9.6

NOTICE: Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are now required. Java 8 and Tomcat 8 are also supported. Java 9 and 6 and Tomcat v4,v5,v6 and v9 are NOT supported.

Build 398 (May 3, 2016)

  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Select All Check-box on the address book popup
  • Fixed: (Workflow) On TransferAgent pages, X-UA-Compatible META tag moved to the correct location so it gets parsed by IE correctly
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Email Authentication download method, users must paste the authentication token from email and can't click on the link directly
  • Fixed: (Workflow) FCTransferAgent.exe requires admin rights to run
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Auto-Deletion thread doesn't delete files linked into other jobs
  • Improved: (Workflow) The initial launch message for TransferAgent so end users don't confuse the download of the Plugin with the download of the package
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 23
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 21
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 21

Build 396 (April 15, 2015)

  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Job Files Target Location containing {JOBID} returns null
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Updated X-UA-Compatible tags to remove IE 9, 8, 7 as supported browsers.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Added DOCTYPE tag for better support for IE 10,11 and Document Mode Emulation
  • Fixed: (Workflow) FCTransferAgent.exe identified as Installer to web browsers
  • Fixed: (Workflow) TransferAgent redirects to success URL even if MD5 checksum fails.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Jobs that redirect to Error leave "Job Submitted" in Job History log.
  • Fixed: (Workflow) On download files, TransferAgent launch dialog does not stop the spinner, making the download page unusable
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Files transferred with TransferAgent have the last modified date (MaintainLastModified) set to current month minus 1
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Upload/Download web pages get locked when a user Rejects "FileCatalyst TransferAgent Access Request" dialog
  • Using: (Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 22
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 21
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 21

Build 394 (March 23, 2015)

  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Backwards compatibility with older HotFolder and Android App
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Add users to the FC Server automatically not working when only a single server is defined
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 12
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 12
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 12

Build 393 (Feb 25, 2016)

  • Added: (Workflow Only) New upload and download methods - TransferAgent. Java Applets are no longer be required
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Ability to start a file transfer and be able to close the web browser while the transfer is still in progress
  • Added: (Workflow Only) To maximize the bandwidth, TransferAgent will upload multiple files concurrently - the multi-client approach
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Use LDAP/AD Utility Account to fetch user information upon login
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Generate and upload JSON file for the job, so it can be parsed by external applications
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Search users with LDAP/AD Utility Account before attempting the bind
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Display PermaLinks on Order forms for quick access by the end user
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Rename FTP/FC Site ID tool
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Download entire help as HTML and improved help navigation menu
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) Which account invited the temp user is now tracked in the user comments field
  • Added: (Workflow Only) Tracking number and Job ID now present in all email distribution type of jobs
  • Added: (Workflow Only) On job list for end user, TrackingNumber column automatically appears if distribution type of jobs are present
  • Added: (Webmail + Workflow) New Download Transmittal List, users can now quickly discover which recipient has downloaded the files
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) HTML Form Upload, uploading multiple files in Firefox fails
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) HTML Form Upload, legacy form (not octet-stream) deletes the entire uploadtemp folder after upload
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) HTML Form Upload, Copy files to FTP is more robust
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) HTML Form Upload, file names containing UTF-8 characters don't show properly
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In FTPServlet quote command affecting other commands if there is a failure
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) In FTPServlet cleaning uploadtemp is more robust
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) When French language is set as default language, calendar displayed is wrong
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) No more length limit on SMTP server field
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) On user list, clicking on sort by User Status, returns black row/column matrix
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) FileArea Applet fails to upload files to IIS-FTP in HTTP
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Download Applet fails to download folders in HTTP
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) StyleSheetTag errors are now quiet
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Automatically generated password for 'Invite Others' doesn't follow Global Password Properties
  • Fixed: (Workflow) XML and JSON not providing the correct sourceIP of the end user submitting the files
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Removed the pre-compiler tool
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Stability of the Internal FileCatalyst Server
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Auto-Deletion, not deleteing files uploaded by anonymous users
  • Fixed: (Workflow) Poodle fix in the Windows installers is missing
  • Fixed: (Webmail + Workflow) Older templates not displaying correctly for the download page
  • Discontinued: (Webmail) Webmail Installer is no longer produced, only the WAR file is now available
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst TransferAgent v3.6 build 12
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Applets v3.6 build 12
  • Using: (Webmail + Workflow) FileCatalyst Direct Server v3.6 build 12

Known issue:

  • HTTP transfers in TransferAgent can occasionally fail, please report any issues with HTTP transfers to our help desk
Looking for more release notes?

Please check our download site for the full product release notes.

FileCatalyst Direct Release Notes

NOTICE: Java 1.8+ is required for all FileCatalyst products. As of v3.8, Amazon Corretto JRE 8u242 is now bundled into all FileCatalyst product installers (Windows, macOS, Linux).

Version 3.8.2

Build 154 - January 31st, 2021


  • Server, Central - License issue can affect 0.35% of installations, rendering license invalid after upgrade
  • Central - HotFolder connections to Central are repeatedly dropping when advanced progressives are enabled

Build 152 - January 13th, 2021


  • All Clients - On macOS, removable volumes do not get listed
  • Central - Central fails to start if running as a service on a machine that is running another FC Direct application as a service

Known issues:

  • TA - Chrome on Big Sur can not launch TransferAgent

Build 147 - December 22nd, 2020


  • TransferAgent - Increase default # of concurrent multiclient connections in TA Express to 3
  • TransferAgent - REST API exposing Advanced progressive features in TA
  • Server - Advanced Server Optimizations panel for Server HTML Admin
  • Server - Administration Connections panel for Server HTML Admin
  • Server - User Home directory validation in User panel of HTML Admin
  • Server - File Systems panel for Server HTML Admin
  • Server - Provide an option to write blocks in sequential order
  • Server,HotFolder - New mechanism for tracking and auditing changes to product configurations
  • HotFolder - Tray icon has a new link to the HTML Admins
  • Central - Increase the default Max Records in central following performance enhancements in 3.8.1
  • Central - New Server storage health alarms. See "Understanding Alarms" section of Central documentation for more details


  • TransferAgent - TransferAgent running as Service on Big Sur cannot access Documents folder for user
  • Server - SSL port added to conf but assigns wrong port
  • Server - Server Admin intermittently fails to not connect to Server when using IP filters
  • Server - Corrupted files when uploading to S3 storage when using Temporary file names
  • Server - Resource leak in Server
  • Server - Web server does not apply the TLS settings from the fcconf.conf
  • Server - HTML Logs page doesn't load in Firefox (Version >= 80.0.1)
  • Server - Cancelling out of the browse dialog for a user's home directory on HTML Admin clears the configured path
  • HotFolder - Clients are Hanging on the PASS call
  • HotFolder - FCAPI logs created in the installation folder
  • HotFolder - Tasks added through older HotFolder Swing admins (<= 3.8.1) cause NullPointerExceptions to be thrown
  • HotFolder - HotFolder hangs on scheduled tasks with Workflow site
  • HotFolder - "Allow concurrent tasks" re-enables itself
  • HotFolder - Max value of task scheduled execution by minutes is incorrect
  • HotFolder - User bandwidth is not respected by tasks
  • Central - Central database upgrades from 3.7.2 to 3.8.1 are broken


  • All - Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer supported
  • Server - Direct Server product is no longer supported on macOS. macOS clients continue to be supported.
  • Server - SFTP is no longer supported

Known issues:

  • All Clients - Due to changes in how the operating system permissions are handled, on macOS Big Sur, secondary drives do not get listed

NOTE: Initial testing of clients have been performed on macOS with new Apple silicon. No issues have been found.

Version 3.8.1

Build 99 - September 23rd, 2020


  • All - Customer experiences high packet loss when uploading on low bandwidth
  • TransferAgent - Installation should not recommend installing for all user if user has admin privileges
  • TransferAgent - TA show no logs for transfers when using IE
  • HotFolder - Cannot add a HotFolder site using the HTML admin if the site uses SSL
  • Central, HotFolder - Central 3.8 can't control/access HotFolder nodes
  • ReverseProxy - Reverse Proxy unexpectedly restarts itself

Build 20 - September 9th, 2020


  • Central - Multiple performance enhancements
  • HotFolder - Expansion of HTML Administration
    • Site Network Characteristics Auto-detection
    • Site Tuning Optimization Auto-detection
    • Site restore defaults
    • Proxy configuration
    • Test Task Settings
    • Check site connectivity
    • Import/Export configurations
  • Server - Expansion of HTML Administration
    • IP filters
    • Administration Configuration
    • Administration Filters
    • Reporting
    • Advanced UDP
    • Advanced Memory
    • Advanced Miscellaneous
  • Server - FC Server REST API documentation
  • Server - Request String Copy to Clipboard


  • All - Multiple security fixes
  • All - Several improvements and fixes to Diagnostics
  • Server - Cannot delete file in Connect with # in name
  • Server - Improved error messages when connecting to an EFS
  • Server - In Express, cannot delete files with # in their names
  • Server - Shutdown with OutOfMemory following upgrade to 3.8
  • Central - Graphical omission of server to server transfers
  • TransferAgent - POST operations not always triggering
  • Client API - Sample code improvements
  • Documentation - Printer friendly documentation

Version 3.8

Build 11 - July 7th, 2020


  • Server - Command line arguments for database location not being respected
  • Server - Command line arguments for Server TLS SSL updater not being respected

Build 10 - June 25th, 2020


  • Reverse Proxy - Reverse Proxy stops accepting connections
  • Server - Multiple Dropbox enhancements
  • Server - Upload of very large file (250GB) to Azure failed the MD5
  • Server - Upload of very large file (250GB) to Backblaze failed to be renamed
  • Server - Can't edit/view permissions of EFS virtual files/folders from user or group edit box
  • Server - Can't see list of assigned virtual files in swing remote admin if an EFS virtual file is assigned
  • Server - Assigning a EFS virtual folder/file to a group causes swing remote admins to not connect
  • Server - Setting the default user home directory to an EFS causes server to crash
  • Server - Unavailable folders can cause performance issue in GUI
  • Server - Clients command with "/tmp/.." form throws NullPointer Exception
  • Server - EFS virtual file/folder for a path with spaces displays the path as URL encoded
  • HotFolder - HotFolder download task cache isn't updating

Build 3 - April 29th, 2020


  • All - Amazon Corretto 8u242 now bundled into all Windows, OSX, and Linux installers.
  • All - Increase the default TLS protocol version to TLSv1.2
  • HotFolder - Multi-million file directory streaming (N-File) with Multi-client transfers.
  • HotFolder - Faster transfer startup for massive directory transfers.
  • HotFolder - Path-based directory filters.
  • Server and HotFolder - HTML admin performance improvements over high latency networks.
  • Server - Added support for Wasabi cloud storage as well as our proprietary Encrypted File System.
  • Server - Google Cloud Storage - support for regional buckets
  • Server - Email notification when license is about to expire
  • Central - Support for Users & Groups for node management.
  • Central - LDAP and AD authentication support for Central administration.
  • Central - CSV export of Session History
  • LoadBalancer - Preview our LoadBalancer solution under development.
  • Reverse Proxy - Added system property to bypass masquerade address for local connections
  • TransferAgent - Ability to perform multiple transfers in TransferAgent and manage each transfer as a separate one.


  • All - Multiple security fixes
  • All - Several improvements and fixes to Diagnostics
  • All - Mac installer will not upgrade software within the same major version
  • HotFolder - The associated transfer cache is not deleted when a task is deleted
  • HotFolder - Disabling remote monitoring incorrectly clears some configuration fields
  • HotFolder - Multi-client "Delete after transfer" did not remove folders
  • HotFolder - HTML Admin not drawing charts from data pulled from report
  • HotFolder - Issue with rename behaviour with HotFolder Connect
  • HotFolder - Single archive zip chunking broken on downloads
  • HotFolder - Rename can rename a different file/folder
  • HotFolder - Empty backup folders created outside of its install directory
  • HotFolder - Integrity check fails for HTTP uploads with 'Transfer File Deltas'
  • HotFolder - Sorting HotFolder list in Task creation dialog
  • HotFolder - Export of Bandwidth table fails to write the xml file
  • HotFolder - Incorrect message displayed when Server is not licensed for HotFolder
  • HotFolder - Elevating CPU usage on receiving end of transfer leads to immediate packet loss
  • HotFolder - Uploading file with name containing # causes problems
  • Server - Logging for some HTML products has intermittent issues on first run
  • Server - Default user home directories are sometimes not created during install
  • Server - Unable to mount Azure Blob storage
  • Server - Server UI initialized with a bad configuration on Linux
  • Server - Read-only admin sees Central status as "permission denied"
  • Server - EFS: Support for SMBv2 protocol
  • Server - Tasks that download as zip from server leave the created zip file behind
  • Server - EFS: Credentials file doesn't work unless it's named google_creds.json
  • Server - Improved messaging for failed email notifications
  • Server - HTTP Upload form transfer of number of files greater than the licensed connections should be queued
  • Server - Server should pull email and users name when user is provisioned through LDAP
  • Reverse Proxy - UDP port is incorrectly being set to 1081 in fcproxy.conf
  • Reverse Proxy - Resolved several resource leaks
  • Reverse Proxy - Improved thread handling in Reverse Proxy
  • Reverse Proxy - Reverse Proxy not responding toclient requests
  • TransferAgent - Files uploaded to root instead of specified remote directory.
  • TransferAgent - Ubuntu 18 menu items not working
  • TransferAgent - REST sample does not properly work out of the box
  • TransferAgent - File/folder names with a pipe ( | ) are no longer allowed to be transferred
  • TransferAgent - Broken link in TA Deployment landing page
  • TransferAgent - Uninstall wasn't removing TA from Windows start menu
  • TransferAgent - Multimanager connections not cleaned up for workflow job submission via Strict security
  • TransferAgent, Central - System property to captureHeapOnShutdown not working
  • Central - Read-only user should not be able to delete system properties
  • Central - Transfer statistics not updating live in Classic View
  • Central - 'Edit Map' Maps list is not getting refreshed.
  • Central - Unable to clear favorite map
  • Central - Intermittent issues administering linux Server and HotFolder nodes via HTML admins on the Central nodes page
  • Central - Central reports page take a long time to load and/or hangs with 300+ nodes
  • Central - Central displays -2 as time remaining for active transfer
  • Client API - APIs not showing method parameter names

Known limitation:
FileCatalyst LoadBalancer is currently considered a “Labs” product. This means that although it is functional and works for specific use cases, experience with certain configurations may vary.

Functionality that is known to have issues when used in conjunction with LoadBalancer includes (but may not be limited to):

  • Multi-client when working in conjunction with FileCatalyst Central.
  • Multi-client when load balanced servers are on unique networks that do not share the same network bandwidth.
  • Multi-client may have issues with bandwidth distribution if server licensing or user account bandwidth settings are not perfectly in synch
  • Strict Security in FileCatalyst Spaces / Workflow

NOTE: Multi-client in general has many permutations that have not been tested in conjunction with LoadBalancer. This will continue to be the case while it is a “Labs” product.

Version 3.7.3

NOTICE: Java 1.8 is required for all FileCatalyst products.

Build 37 - January 2nd, 2020

NOTE: - JRE is now included in macOS and Windows installers.


  • Central - Intermittent issues administering linux Server and HotFolder nodes via HTML admins on the Central nodes page
  • HotFolder - Fixed an issue where WebUI was not converting from bytes to MB
  • HotFolder - Advanced view options were not displayed in HTML Admin
  • HotFolder - Server unlicensed for the API resulting in Exception
  • Proxy - Additional dataport cleanup fix
  • Server - Improved cleanup mechanism for deleted virtual files/folders.
  • Client CLI - -exportSettings should not export passwords in plain text.
  • Client CLI - When using the -importSettings argument, specified CLI settings are not respected for undefined values in the properties file.
  • All - OSX 10.15 (Catalina) requires explicit permissions from the user to access Files and Folders.

Build 26 - August 26th, 2019

NOTE: - JRE is now included in macOS and Windows installers.


  • All - Modified Mime Types for the embedded webserver to ensure *.pkg is handled as a file.
  • All - Fixed flag to generate heapdump on shutdown and added the functionality to the Proxy.
  • Proxy - Resolved issue with dataport cleanups.

Build 25 - July 11th, 2019

NOTE: - JRE is now included in macOS and Windows installers.


  • All - Installer prevents JRE version colliding with previous installs.
  • All - Better reporting of errors from clients to Server.
  • All - macOS reduce frequency of "AppNap".
  • All - macOS Service migration improved. Must be explicitly enabled in 3.7.3.
  • All Clients - Log number of files successfully zipped.
  • All Clients - Improved MultiClient stability.
  • Central - Connections to Central report fail when doing abbreviated SSL handshake on reconnects.
  • Central - Edit maps drop down is not refreshed after adding/saving map.
  • Central - Properly recycle map background images.
  • Central - Resolved UI issues with Map Creation.
  • Central - Allowed for Listener IP to specify a particular IP or bind to all. Please review this KB article for more details on this fix.
  • Central - Improved node reconnection stability on macOS and Linux.
  • Central - Resolved UI issues with Report page.
  • Central & HotFolder - Resolved a communication problem causing performance issues between Central and older HotFolder nodes.
  • CLI - Ensure correct reading of settings for dynamic file transfer.
  • CLI - Ensured proper shutdown for exported settings and directory listings.
  • Client API - Cleaned up API sample code.
  • Client API - Removed outdated files.
  • HotFolder - Progressive downloads aren't waiting for files to finish growing before transfer.
  • HotFolder - Blocked TUDP tests for non-UDP transfers.
  • Proxy - Standard encryption of non-default SSL passwords on start-up.
  • Proxy - New system property to allow proxy to bypass IP masquerade for local connections.
  • Server - EFS driver obfuscation fix.
  • Server - Null pointer exception on CWD command on a Linux system.
  • Server - SSH: Adding 2048 bit RSA host key exchange.
  • Server - Fixed error message for failing virtual file/folder creation on server.
  • Server - Improved error messaging for HTML Admin.
  • Server - Updated HTTP Upload form documentation.
  • Server - Correctly update HTTP paths when IP set and no HTTP features enabled.
  • Server - EFS driver for Azure (Azure storage library 5.0) for 100MB blocks and to accommodate file size limitation of 200 GB.
  • Server - Can't use HTTP Download option for Links if remote administration is disabled.
  • Server - Link: Download of a link fails if a single link file contains a character that is illegal in VF creation.
  • Server - Consumption Per GB License key is not accepted by Server HTML admin.
  • Server - ServerAdmin doesn't update when adding or removing users from Groups in Edit Group screen.
  • Server - Fixed UserRoot location bug causing migration issues.
  • Server - Simplified service activation on macOS.
  • Server - Clean up temp user directories.
  • Server - Improved Spaces integration.
  • Server - Fixed Central Management UI issue.
  • Server - Resolved reporting issue.
  • Server - Fixed issue preventing HTML Upload Form connection.
  • Server - Improved Azure stability.
  • TransferAgent - Resolved TA restart after timeout issue.
  • TransferAgent - Cancelled transfers now send Cancelled notifications.
  • TransferAgent - Fixed per-email transfer notification status reporting.
  • TransferAgent - Expanded REST API.
  • TransferAgent - Better internal handling of transfer cancellation.
  • TransferAgent - Better browsing of local machine and improved EFS support.

Build 18 - April 15th, 2019

NOTE: - JRE is now included in OSX and Windows installers.


  • All - Increase default max attribute cache to 1 million entries.
  • All - Improved performance of attribute cache.
  • Server - Idle timeout setting of FileCatalyst Server is not being respected via Server to Server transfers.
  • Server - Chargify support for resellers to sell consumption per GB.
  • Server - FCServer needs to disconnect a disconnected connection before reconnecting.
  • Server - Downloading of link does not work.
  • Server - EFS transfers to resources other than SMB showed 100% for the entirety of their transfer.
  • Server - HTTP Servlet needs to grab domain address from address bar.
  • Server - Link: EFS paths don't properly function with characters that need URL encoding.
  • Server and ServerAdmin - Stability fix in communication protocol.
  • HotFolder - Transfer appears to stall after MD5 on large files (no feedback in log for local MD5).
  • HotFolder - HTTP post URL call hangs session.
  • TransferAgent - Cannot browse local folders when connected to an older server.
  • Central - Issues on Map page when loaded using IE 11.

Build 17 - March 22nd, 2019

NOTE: - JRE is now included in OSX and Windows installers.


  • All - Increase default max attribute cache to 1 million entries.
  • All - Improved performance of attribute cache.
  • Server - Idle timeout setting of FileCatalyst Server is not being respected via Server to Server transfers.
  • Server - Chargify support for resellers to sell consumption per GB.
  • Server - FCServer needs to disconnect a disconnected connection before reconnecting.
  • Server - Downloading of link does not work.
  • Server - EFS transfers to resources other than SMB showed 100% for the entirety of their transfer.
  • Server - EFS driver for Azure (Azure storage library 5.0) for 100MB blocks and to accommodate file size limitation of 200 GB.
  • Server and ServerAdmin - Stability fix in communication protocol.
  • HotFolder - HTTP post URL call hangs session.
  • TransferAgent - Cannot browse local folders when connected to an older server.


Build 13 - February 27th, 2019

NOTE: - JRE is now included in OSX and Windows installers.


  • All - Reports and Central sessions are reporing the Chinese character file names with "?????"
  • Server - Session Statistics: Statistics are incorrect when performing auto-resume transfers.
  • HotFolder - Optimizations when using remote large Samba share for uploads.
  • Central & HotFolder - Addressed an issue where Central would be unable to communicate with HotFolder nodes in future releases.
  • Central - Proxy WebUI: WebServer cache causing system to be unable to redownload node WebUI.

Build 10 - January 31st, 2019


  • All - Exception in log rollover on Dec 31st.
  • All - Instructions missing for silent install/uninstall on Windows.
  • Server - Rest API - HTTP Download Link doesn't properly construct the temp user if it evoked directly via /rs/weblink/httpDownloadLink.
  • Server - Ability to skip testing for FTP when using auto-detect for sites on *
  • Server - Cannot delete user created with username of three periods "..." from Server HTML Admin.
  • Server - Salt and hash database access password if set in configuration.
  • Server - Filenames with Chinese character failed to transfer from a FileCatalyst Server installed on Linux Server as a service.
  • Server - Creating Virtual File/Folder without a description in HTML admin sets description to "null" in swing admin.
  • Server - Restarting the server does not recreate the deleted .fcdb, backup and fcconf.conf file.
  • Server - Redundant values in configuration file.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Hostname is not updating to selected IP in Central Mgt screen.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Users with leading or trailing whitespace were not being trimmed.
  • Server & TransferAgent - Link - Pipes in a subject line breaks transfers.
  • TransferAgent - Forced ownership feature failing to set the specified group.
  • TransferAgent - Issue with remote REST calls.
  • TransferAgent - Origins dialog not appearing when using TA HTML pages with a remote control license enabled.
  • HotFolder - "Transfer Entire File with Unique Name " is overwriting original files when temp names are disabled.
  • HotFolder - Monitor usage graph displays time in UTC instead of system time.
  • HotFolder - Duplicated tasks should be disabled.
  • HotFolder - HTML Admin - Error is invoked when the user attempts to delete a hotfolder created with a name of "." (i.e. a single period).
  • HotFolder - HTML Admin - Changing the task direction has no effect.
  • HotFolder - HTML Admin - Set folder as "Sent" instead of "/Sent" in case of filed left as blank.
  • HotFolder - Trim leading whitespace on system property strings.
  • HotFolder - High CPU load and alarm count when connecting to Central.
  • HotFolder - Multi-client transfers executing post transfer operations multiple times.
  • Central - Newly added map is disappearing from list.
  • Central - Central Proxy Admins: Disconnecting a node and immediately reconnecting causes unuseable node HTML admin.
  • Central - Improved performance for alarm summaries.
  • CLI - OptimizeBlockSize value not being respected for CLI single-client.

Build 7 - December 5th, 2018

NOTE: - JRE is now included in OSX and Windows installers.


  • Server - Unable to create virtual files pointing to S3 files that have spaces in the file name .
  • Server - Weblink: EFS paths don't properly function with pipe character "|" in file name.
  • Server - HTML Admin: Cannot delete user created with username of three periods "...".
  • Server - HTML Admin: User validation not enforced when configuring "Force File ownership".
  • Server - User bandwidth limit not respected after initial burst.
  • Server - When clicking HTTP download from "Allow FileCatalyst Transfer Agent dialog" fails with unauthorized access.
  • Server - Updated cloud metering code to pass along username with reports.
  • Server - Issue where cloud custom built meter could shut down the metering thread.
  • Server - In limited cases, downloaded data may be reported twice to metering API.
  • Server - Failover license behaviour changed.
  • Server - EFS: Issues with paths that have "/" characters within their password hashes.
  • ServerAPI - API was not properly adding VFs in external file systems, error message "Cannot complete command because Illegal char <:> at index.
  • HotFolder - Null Pointer error invoked when deleting Hotfolders with single period "." name.
  • TransferAgent - Remote control of TA is enabled even without valid license string.
  • TransferAgent - Remote calls to /rs/config/ should return 404 error message.
  • TransferAgent - Setting log location, report location or download path with browser button can fail.
  • TransferAgent - Adding PUT method (ta.api.singleFileTransfer for uploads and downloads) to main js api.
  • Central - List of filtered alarms was displaying duplication.
  • Central - Change log level for alarm list being reset list of filtered alarms from CONFIG to INFO.
  • Central - Current Transfers: Time remaining column does not show elements correctly.
  • Central - 'Edit Map' Maps list is not getting refreshed.
  • Central - Stability fix on Central.
  • Documentation - Add silent uninstall and install parameters and other switches for Windows products.
v3.7.1 Build 5 - November 7th, 2018

NOTE: - JRE is now included in OSX and Windows installers.


  • All - Improved MD5 checksum speeds through native calls.
  • All - Windows installers now embed JRE. External JAVA is no longer required for Server, HotFolder, TransferAgent, and Central.
  • Core - Improvement to protocol auto-detection for multiclient (failover between protocols).
  • Server - Allow the ability to specify file ownership/group on file systems for uploads.
  • Server - EFS (External File System) official support for Google Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2.
  • Server - EFS (External File System) support for Encryption at Rest for Amazon S3 File System.
  • Server - Ability to restrict bandwidth of server via ServerAdmin.
  • Server - HTML Admin: browsing tools for file path based configurations.
  • ServerAPI - Add client API calls now available in server API.
  • ServerAPI - Add ability to set / modify account expiry from the Server CLI.
  • Clients - Allow the ability to specify file ownership/group on file systems for downloads.
  • HotFolder - New scheduler core implemented to support large task list.
  • CLI - Switch to allow pre-allocation of packet pool.
  • All - Large (multi-TB) files transferring slower than (multi-GB) files.
  • All - Enabled Grizzly cache (filecatalyst.embedded.webserver.enable.cache) for improved performance.
  • All - Trim trailing whitespace for system property strings.
  • All - Grizzly web server patch to resolve high CPU/Memory loads on some systems.
  • All - Allow cipher and protocol restricting parameters for Grizzly 2 web service, a similar pattern as exists on Server.
  • All - Include the version/build specifics in the install/upgrade dialog.
  • Core - All clients should report failures in post transfer (MD5 verification) to server so central statistics are accurate.
  • Core - Downloading with single archive not possible on read only volume.
  • Core - Attribute cache to expire in 2 minutes by default (old default was 30 minutes).
  • Core - Cannot do a progressive download on a file that starts at size 0.
  • Core - Adding a more detailed failure message of files that fail MD5 checks within FCDirect.
  • Core - HTTP unable to display remote subfolder contents when TCP control port is not open.
  • Core - Diagnostic report should default to contain only last 24 hours of logs.
  • Core - Add originator IP when REST is used to make configuration change.
  • Core - Unable to set the start rate for multi client.
  • Server - Unable to download files from weblinks that contain IPv6 addresses.
  • Server - User account capped on the Server does not divide bandwidth for multiple users connecting with the same account.
  • Server - Email link fails with a growl message of 'undefined'.
  • Server - Authentication failed against HTML form upload when using FQDN vs IP address, need option to set domain name for servletLocation.
  • Server - Disallow username of "." or "..".
  • Server - Request string keeps changing on machine for Windows OS.
  • Server - Server fails to upgrade from version 3.4.2.
  • Server - Link generates weblinks using the internal IP of Server even though Masquerade IP is set (can use hostname).
  • Server - Add User Confirm Password is not case sensitive.
  • Server - Link with EFS paths don't properly function with characters that need URL encoding.
  • Server - Add a toggle to disable Manage Application (HTML Admin) in Server Admin.
  • Server - REST calls to modify a user has some undocumented required properties.
  • Server - Can not use HTTP Upload when FCWEB flag not included in license features.
  • Server - Client backbone clients are visible on server as idle sessions.
  • Server - Post process script is not executing for HTTP transfers.
  • Server - EFS: Autoresume not working for uploads from Connect using Google.
  • Server - Unable to authenticate users in Server for OpenLDAP with SSL certificate.
  • Server - Authentication against active Directory (AD) and Open LDAP is not working since Java 8 u181.
  • Server - Transfer Agent Test connections fails on Multi-stream TCP data connection When SSL is enabled.
  • Server - Switching from LDAPS to LDAP requires the server to be restarted.
  • Server - Remote Server Admin can't get directory listing of Linux or Mac Servers containing illegal URL characters.
  • Server - Make "File Systems" tab show by default.
  • Server - User directory validation is in the startup thread and will delay starting with long timeouts for connection failure.
  • Server - User list disappears when EFS storage is not available.
  • Server - Server resources not cleaning up when using server-to-server transfers.
  • Server - Null value in database prevents admin from displaying virtual files\folders.
  • Server - Unable to authenticate users in Server for Active Directory with SSL certificate.
  • Server - Improvements to ServerAdmin to lower CPU overhead.
  • Server - Improvements to optimize calls by server admin to large server databases.
  • Server - NullPointer exception caused by paginated REST resources not having proper defaults for iDisplayStart and iDisplayLength.
  • Server - HTTPUpload documentation wasn't properly setup to work with the documentation distributions.
  • Server - EFS: Folder creation on buckets with encryption enabled fail.
  • Server - Logic for selecting link IP is not checking if the IP masquerade is enabled.
  • Server - Emails are not being sent out.
  • Server - AuthenticationServiceFailure alarm not displayed in Central when Active Directory is unavailable.
  • Server - Server is truncating local paths when to a network drive and containing an ampersand.
  • Server - HTML admins login should log connection on log file.
  • Server - HTTP upload redirects to a blank page when attempting to upload > 80 small (1-byte) files.
  • Server - HTTP Upload connections causing FCAPI* logs in Server's installation root directory.
  • Server - HTTP Upload fails to transfer tiny files.
  • Server - HTTP Upload form - provided mechanism to declare trusted origins for FileCatalyst Server's Webserver (trustedorigin.xml).
  • Server - HTML Admin - System Properties Cannot Be Modified in Firefox.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Reload the groups and virtual folders tables properly when managing assignments to users to reflect changes.
  • Server - HTML Admin - creating virtual Files/Folders only allowing Folders.
  • Server - HTML Admin - User login security tab does not allow 0 as an input in "Time to block login (seconds)".
  • Server - HTML Admin - Expiry date shows last loaded value for users without expiry dates.
  • Server - HTML Admin - need to have a "bind all interfaces" value for Server IP Address.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Can't apply changes to edit user after clicking on a duplicate virtual file/folder.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Identify blocked user in user list.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Add ability to unblock a blocked user.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Test disk write I/O does not respond.
  • Server - HTML Admin - HTTP Upload form doesn't show number of files selected in Internet Explorer.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Identify Blocked Users in the User List.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Improved behaviour when browsing invalid path in field.
  • Server - HTML Admin - User account expires if it is edited and settings are applied.
  • Server - HTML Admin - Customer logo from Link feature should be saved internally (uploaded).
  • ServerAdmin - Logging in and out of multiple servers using ServerAdmin may bring over configuration artifacts such as EFS settings.
  • ServerAdmin - File/Folder List should use ellipses for Virtual Files and Folders with really long names.
  • ServerAdmin - Remove dependency on cloud licensing libraries for remote admin.
  • ServerAdmin - EFS: Browse button not working in remote admin when configuring virtual folder physical path.
  • HotFolder - FQDN connection through forward proxy works with Central but not with FileCatalyst Server.
  • HotFolder - Creating HotFolders in HTML Admin doesn't remember last folder used or recognize Windows shortcuts like Documents, Desktop.
  • HotFolder - Partial payload with Hotfolder REST calls sets user to anonymous.
  • HotFolder - Multiple section to enable/disable tasks on HotFolder.
  • HotFolder - HotFolder is not reverting "grey out" after task be re-enabled.
  • HotFolder - HotFolder diagnostics needs to grab additional logs.
  • HotFolder - Pausing scheduler should be highly visible in Hotfolder.
  • HotFolder - "Move Source Files to Sent directory" old files in Sent directory are not deleting.
  • HotFolder - Issue with Incremental with Auto-Resume and Transfer with Temp Names.
  • HotFolder - Issue with Incremental File Deltas with Unique Name in TCP mode.
  • HotFolder - HTML Admin - Connection status in sites not showing the proper full status.
  • HotFolder - Move to sent was failing when the parent directories of the destination files didn't properly exist.
  • HotFolder - Error itemsMap is not defined is noticed via HotFolder Remote Administration web access portal.
  • HotFolder - Standard admin now correctly validates Site ID values.
  • HotFolder - Partial payload with Hotfolder REST calls sets user to anonymous.
  • HotFolder - Incremental options are broken for HTTP Uploads.
  • HotFolder - Mass Enable/Disable creates duplicate tasks.
  • TransferAgent - Responds with an error message when it fails to find a invalid connection key on transfer request.
  • TransferAgent - User permissions overwrite virtual folder permissions.
  • TransferAgent - Missing fcta.default configuration file after install.
  • TransferAgent - Need ability to edit virtual paths' path value.
  • TransferAgent - REST Doc LocalFileResource description missing the word "slash".
  • TransferAgent - Test connection is failing in FireFox.
  • TransferAgent - Deployment in single page application causes FileCatalyst icon to appear on non-FC pages.
  • TransferAgent - Modify "Verify Integrity" default to false on sites and quick connect.
  • TransferAgent - Transfer Configuration is missing Transfer with Temp Name Mode.
  • TransferAgent - Test connection, always use the connection mode as AUTO.
  • TransferAgent - Incorrect messaging after user declines to add unknown file type.
  • TransferAgent - Reveal button is visible and clickable even when the button is nonfunctional when running as service.
  • TransferAgent - TransferAgent running on a non-default port causes connection error message after downloads.
  • TransferAgent - Refresh clears file list from 'connect' Express due to control client timing out during long transfer.
  • TransferAgent - When the user cancel the upload page is redirecting to Error URL instead of Cancelled URL.
  • TransferAgent - Downloads after TransferAgent restarts are not auto-resuming.
  • TransferAgent - Site IDs using invalid characters are being accepted and blanking out existing sites.
  • TransferAgent - Automatically navigate to contents of subfolder instead of root if it's the only thing in user home directory.
  • TransferAgent - Not getting an error message when trying to delete virtual file using trashcan button.
  • TransferAgent - Edit virtual folders in TransferAgent.
  • TransferAgent - User should get a meaningful error message when hit a MD5 check.
  • TransferAgent - Usability - rename "Connections" to "Test Connections" in TransferAgent.
  • TransferAgent - Very large number of files transferred slows down TransferAgent.
  • TransferAgent - PostURL in TransferAgent fails to report on all the uploaded files.
  • TransferAgent - Reserved words "package" removed from main.js.
  • TransferAgent - UI shows transfer cancelled for transfers that fail due to disconnection.
  • TransferAgent - Getting wrong status email alerts per file for cancelled sessions.
  • TransferAgent - HTTP Download page gives ambiguous error when clicking on expired files.
  • Central - Add in ability to set system properties in Central.
  • Central - Central needs to release a loading page when the DB is initializing.
  • Central - Central not licensed for maps uses maps as default landing page.
  • Central - Redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS automatically.
  • Central - Lower the log level of idle connections.
  • Central - Changing RO Central Account to anything other than user causes failures.
  • Central - Customers should now be able to upload images that contain illegal URL characters.
  • Central - System property (unlimited.fc.central.reports.store_bad_reports_in_file) to disable creation of badReports.csv.
  • Central - Search File Transfer History in search page does not allow to click on the calendar date picker.
  • Central - Launching 'Connect to node' on nodes not available invokes 'failed to start downloading' error.
  • Central - Node constantly disconnecting to Central.
  • CLI - Recover if you forget a trailing slash on the -file parameter for download of directory.
  • API - Clarified documentation.
  • Documentation - Workflow Examples are missing in the FC Client API.
  • Windows - Windows 32-bit is no longer supported due to embedded 64-bit JRE in FileCatalyst products.

  • TransferAgent - Rename "headless-insecure" mode to "remote control" for sites wanting REST calls to originate from remote systems.
  • TransferAgent - Improved origins prompt to provide more plain language message to the user.
  • TransferAgent - TA Express to allow connection with 3rd party FTP servers when licensed with hardware key.
  • TransferAgent - LicenseExpiring alarm does not trigger for TransferAgent nodes.
  • TransferAgent - "Send Email Notification For Each File" only sends to admin email account.
  • TransferAgent - TA not allowing network drives/UNC paths user has write permissions to in configuration.
  • TransferAgent - Encrypt.html missing connection parameters (Servlet URL, ConnectionMode).
  • TransferAgent - Refresh SSL certificate for 3.7.2.
  • TransferAgent - TransferAgent was improperly functioning when the transfer mode AUTO was specified.
  • TransferAgent - TransferAgent now registers itself as "Express" to the server when running local TransferAgent Express browsing.
  • TransferAgent - TAConf file doesn't support UNC paths for file/folder locations.
  • TransferAgent - Auto-detect connection modes when the configuration has been configured for AUTO mode.
  • TransferAgent - Bad messaging for unlicensed server connection.
  • TransferAgent - Connection error invoked for initial auto-mode attempt with UDP and FTP blocked.
  • Central - Improved pagination on Session History page.
  • Central - There is no link on the Alarms panel name in the Map and Data page.
  • Central - Creating Organizers smaller than 150px on a side.
  • Central - Navigation tag is missed on top menu for Central.
  • Central - Second "Progress" column in Current Transfers renamed "Transferred".
  • Central - Hovering over an offline node should display it is offline.
  • Central - Nodes list is too long on reports page and makes the page looks disproportionate.
  • Central - Improved polling mechanism for Nodes page to reduce frequent page redraws.
  • Central - Existing active nodes' status do not change after Connection Port is changed in Central.
  • Central - Columns no longer resizable. Filenames that are long are truncated on Central tables.
  • Central - Display clear message to let customer know nodes below 3.7 are not supported in map view.
  • Central - Ability to report on server to server transfers in Central.
  • Central - 'Connect to node' invokes 500 internal error for node with disabled Remote connections.
  • Central - Launch Applet button is only displayed when node is selected from Nodes menu.
  • Central - Launch Applet button is only displayed when node is selected from Nodes menu.
  • Central - Status Manager is not clearing finished transfers when HotFolder drops from network.
  • Central - Viewing the Central Management tab of Server's HTML admin in Central caused a NullPointerException.
  • Central - IPV6 addresses are not displayed in the Listener IP list for Central installed on Linux.
  • Central - Session History page should default to show the last transfer on top.
  • Central - Seting notification interval to higher than 999999 gives you an error.
  • Central - Selecting Organizers and Clicking "Report from Selection" produces empty nodes list.
  • Central - Added pencil and trash icons outside of the labels for when editing the map.
  • Central - The endpoint /rs/transfers is failing when multiple transfers are running and no query parameters are specified.
  • Central - Concurrent map edit notification is popping up with only one session open.
  • Central - Silenced Alarms menu option is missing for RO admin.
  • Central - Show All Entries in Search doesn't display any records.
  • Central - PortError alarm is not being raised.
  • Central - Multiple windows logged out should be able to reconnect if one window logs back in again.
  • Central - Central not allow multiple tabs or windows when it is triggered by right-click.
  • Central - Central Current Bandwidth Between Nodes Chart Dropdown breaks the UI with large list.
  • Central - Setting AgentID to null in the conf file causes Central UI Nodes page to not load.
  • Central - Upgrading Central does not automatically migrate background images to new location.
  • Central - UI returns error on successful password changes.
  • Server API - Automatically detect which Server API to use (FCServer, FCServerLite).
  • Server API - Need more verbose return value for -listuserdetails and -listalluserdetails for permissions.
  • Server API - Java 9: Document how to use the FCServerAPI.jar -lite flag on Java 9 using "-XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions --add-modules=java.xml.bind" flags.
  • Client API - "-incSizeCheckOnly" switch transfers files that have not changed in size when used with multi-client.
  • Client CLI - Multiclient transfers are not transferring empty directories like single client transfers.
  • Documentation - Upgrade Enunciate (2.9) for REST documentation.
  • Documentation - Provide Swagger example for REST documentation.
  • Documentation - Missing docs in FC Client API.
  • Documentation - No documentation for FC Server Models.
  • Documentation - Incorrect examples for TA REST docs.
  • Documentation - Add default log location to the client help / documentation.
  • Documentation - Server: Add a new section to introduce and setup Reverse Proxy.
  • Documentation - Updated performance tuning guide section in HotFolder and Server.
  • Documentation - Updated sections for HotFolder / Server / Central on how to enable SSL on web service.
  • Express - FileCatalyst Express discontinued, and functionality replaced by TransferAgent Express.