FileCatalyst Workflow 5.0 Released
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 03 April 2018 03:02 PM

We are happy to announce the next generation of FileCatalyst Workflow. FileCatalyst Workflow has been an essential tool to its users for 15 years, and we are giving it a complete makeover with a number of new features in version 5.0.  

Let's quickly recap what's new:

  • We added brand new end user and administrator interfaces. The new user interfaces are written in HTML5 and are simpler to use as well as more visually appealing.
  • An all-new templating engine allows deeper customization options, and templates can now be assigned to groups. Each user may be assigned a different template to match organizational needs.
  • Among the new templates are dark-themed options. With light text on a dark background, end users can enjoy a much more visually appealing file transfer experience.
  • A new administration dashboard screen shows important information at a glance: data usage, jobs per day, last 10 jobs submitted and last 10 users.
  • The TransferAgent helper application required by FileCatalyst Workflow to accelerate file transfers was also upgraded, and now offers a silent installer for automated deployments within large enterprises.

We encourage all our clients to upgrade to 5.0 as soon as possible. A webinar on the new features in 5.0 was held on Feb 14th 2018 with the recording available here:

See Release notes for a complete list of changes in version 5.0

How do I get FileCatalyst Workflow v5.0?

FileCatalyst On-Demand Accounts

FileCatalyst On-Demand Servers have already been or will shortly be updated to the latest version.

FileCatalyst Licensed Users

Follow the download instructions below to update your local installation of your FileCatalyst Server. You will require a password to download the latest version.

Only Active FileCatalyst Support customers will have access to a Download Password. If you don't see a Download Password button, contact FileCatalyst Support to request access to the "Get Download Password" button in the FileCatalyst Support Portal.