FileCatalyst Direct version 3.7.3 is ready
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 12 November 2018 02:12 PM
FileCatalyst Direct version 3.7.3 is here! It has been just a little over 8 months since our last update of this product (v3.7.2 came out in April 2018).
So let's quickly recap what's new in this version:
  • Further improved MD5 checksum speeds through native calls.
  • Our Windows installers now embed JRE. So, external JAVA is no longer required to install FileCatalyst Server, HotFolder, TransferAgent or Central.
  • Improved HTML-based administration interfaces.
  • Specify file ownership/group for file systems for uploads & downloads.
  • We now support integrations with Google Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2, as well as support for Encryption at Rest for Amazon S3 file systems.
  • We have improved our protocol auto-detection for MultiClient.
  • Administrators can now restrict server bandwidth allocation via Server Admin.
  • Server API is now bundled with client API so calls to create a temp user, do a transfer and then delete the temp user can be done with a single JAR file
  • HotFolder scheduler has been improved to support hundreds of tasks concurrently.
Please visit our release notes for the detailed list of all the changes.

On November 22nd, 2018 we will be presenting a webinar that will demonstrate some of the new features coming in this release. We’re very proud of the enhancements we have made, and we’re excited to share it with you. To signup for the webinar, go to FileCatalyst Webinars.

How do I get FileCatalyst v3.7.3?

FileCatalyst On-Demand and FileCatalyst Spaces Accounts

FileCatalyst On-Demand and Spaces have already been (or will shortly be) updated to the latest version.

FileCatalyst Licensed Users

Follow the download instructions below to update your local installation of your FileCatalyst Applications. You will require a password to download the latest version.

Only Active FileCatalyst Support customers will have access to a Download Password. If you don't see a Download Password button, contact FileCatalyst Support to request access to the "Get Download Password" button in the FileCatalyst Support Portal.

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