COVID-19 Update
Posted by Aly Essa on 19 March 2020 10:12 AM
Our current status

We are not experiencing any delays in support response due to COVID-19. Our various teams have been taking advantage of the ability to work remotely for several years now, and there has been no negative impact on our processes.  All of our normal support services as per our current service level agreements (SLA) are in full effect.  

Additional free file transfer service

To further help our clients adopt remote working tools, we launched a new free file transfer service This free service will allow you to send files to anyone with an email address and an internet connection. This service will remain free of charge to help individuals and companies to get through the period of social distancing. 

Discounts on our current products

To help our clients working remotely, we are providing extra discounts for FileCatalyst Per/GB and for FileCatalyst Spaces. The coupons are for $600 each and can be used until April 30, 2020.  Some exceptions apply.

To sign up for our per FileCatalyst Direct per GB pricing click here and use coupon code: WORKREMOTE2020

To sign up for FileCatalyst Spaces click here and use coupon code SPACESWORKREMOTE

Both coupons can be combined if one connects FileCatalyst Direct Server On-Prem to FileCatalyst Spaces.

Formal Notice

Here is a link to the Formal Letter regarding COVID-19 from our CEO, Chris Bailey.  

Support News

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