FileCatalyst Direct v3.6 is here
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 17 December 2015 09:25 PM

Ho Ho Ho! Just like Christmas gifts, this new version of FileCatalyst Direct is very exciting. This new upgrade makes web based file sharing a breeze.  Simply login to the FileCatalyst Server, select a file, enter an email address and you are ready to go... And thanks to our TransferAgent technology, Java Applets are no longer required to upload or download files within a web browser.  Need to get files into Azure in a flash? No problem, this new version supports Azure File System. So go ahead and start moving those files fast to the cloud.

Without further ado, here are the feature highlights in this latest version 3.6:

  • Ability to send e-mail Link to a file directly from FileCatalyst Server.
  • Azure external file system (EFS) support for moving files directly into the Azure cloud.
  • Allow server home directories for S3 and Azure to include credentials
  • Increased performance from S3 driver by utilizing caching.
  • Ability to transfer using multi-client using CLI.
  • Directory streaming (unlimited directory size) available in CLI with multi-client.
  • Ability to re-transfer file headers & footers as post-task operation (for media EVS or Avid files).
  • Improved TransferAgent install and discovery.
  • In HotFolder, ability to schedule task execution with more granularity (ie: every 65 seconds).
  • Advanced Configuration settings exposed in Express for site manager.

 Click here to view the complete release notes. 

How do I get FileCatalyst Direct v3.6?

FileCatalyst On-Demand Accounts

FileCatalyst On-Demand Servers have already been or will shortly be updated to the latest version.

FileCatalyst Licensed Users

Follow the download instructions below to update your local installation of your FileCatalyst Server. You will require a password to download the latest version.

Only Active FileCatalyst Support customers will have access to a Download Password. If you don't see a Download Password button, contact FileCatalyst Support to request access to the "Get Download Password" button in the FileCatalyst Support Portal.