FileCatalyst Workflow v4.9.9 released
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 04 April 2017 02:16 PM

With longer days and warmer weather approaching, we’re happy to announce the release of FileCatalyst Workflow version 4.9.9! Let's quickly recap what's new. This version will only be available as Workflow. FileCatalyst Webmail has been obsolete since January 2015, and has now been removed from the build distribution. We encourage everyone to upgrade to Workflow as soon as possible to remain up-to-date and have access to all of our newest features.

First and foremost, version 4.9.9 adds TransferAgent to File Areas. While job submissions and downloads have had TransferAgent support since February 2016, File Areas now also supports TransferAgent. We encourage all of our clients to upgrade to TransferAgent as soon as possible, because Java Applets will no longer be available as an upload method in the next version of Workflow.

TransferAgent supports our lightning fast UDP-based file transfer acceleration protocol and smoothly handles large files, as well as complex directory structures, for both uploads and downloads. Built for modern browsers using HTML5, TransferAgent doesn't require Java Applets on the user's browser. All the problems associated with installing and running Java Applets are now gone!

We also made several improvements to other parts of the product including:

  • The ability to embed upload forms in an iFrame
  • The ability to force upload forms to always use form upload
  • The ability to insert custom HTML/CSS into an upload form

See Release notes for a complete list of changes in version 4.9.9

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