FileCatalyst Direct 3.7.1 released
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 06 June 2017 03:28 PM

We were very happy about the response that FileCatalyst Direct 3.7 garnered, but the FileCatalyst team isn’t going to stop there. We leveraged the feedback we were given from our customers and have brought some highly anticipated new features to our customers with the release of FileCatalyst Direct 3.7.1.

Starting with HotFolder, we have made the ability to edit tasks available on the HTML admin page. This is a game changer for some of our customers as they sometimes need to make ad hoc changes to tasks, and being able to make these changes in the HTML admin page provides even more agility.

We are also happy to announce that the reverse proxy server is now available for FileCatalyst Direct 3.7.1. Now our customers can even further enhance their security by deploying the reverse proxy server in the DMZ and their FileCatalyst Server on their secure internal network.

To lower the size of our client applications, especially with TransferAgent, we moved EFS jar files to a separate downloadable package. This has lowered the size of the TransferAgent installer by over 30MB.

Not only did we add new features, but we have also made a number of tweaks and fixes which you can view in our release notes here.

You can learn more about FileCatalyst in a previous webinar that our Co-Founder and President John Tkaczewski gave in May. Click Here to watch the webinar now.

How do I get FileCatalyst v3.7.1?

FileCatalyst On-Demand Accounts

FileCatalyst On-Demand Servers have already been (or will shortly be) updated to the latest version.

FileCatalyst Licensed Users

Follow the download instructions below to update your local installation of your FileCatalyst Server. You will require a password to download the latest version.

Only Active FileCatalyst Support customers will have access to a Download Password. If you don't see a Download Password button, contact FileCatalyst Support to request access to the "Get Download Password" button in the FileCatalyst Support Portal.

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