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FileCatalyst Workflow 5.0 Released
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 03 April 2018 03:02 PM
We are happy to announce the next generation of FileCatalyst Workflow. FileCatalyst Workflow has been an essential tool to its users for 15 years, and we are giving it a complete makeover with a number of new features in version 5.0.   Let's quickly recap what's new: We added brand new end user and administrator interfaces. The new user
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FileCatalyst Direct 3.7.2 Released
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 02 April 2018 10:47 AM
We are very pleased to announce the release of FileCatalyst Direct v3.7.2. We have included over 30 new features and several stability and feature bug fixes. Please visit our release notes
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FileCatalyst Direct 3.7.1 released
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 06 June 2017 03:28 PM
We were very happy about the response that FileCatalyst Direct 3.7 garnered, but the FileCatalyst team isn’t going to stop there. We leveraged the feedback we were given from our customers and have brought some highly anticipated new features to our customers with the release of FileCatalyst Direct 3.7.1. Starting with HotFolder, we have made the ability to edit tasks available on the HTML admin page. This is a game changer for some of our customers as they sometimes need to
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FileCatalyst Workflow v4.9.9 released
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 04 April 2017 02:16 PM
With longer days and warmer weather approaching, we’re happy to announce the release of FileCatalyst Workflow version 4.9.9! Let's quickly recap what's new. This version will only be available as Workflow. FileCatalyst Webmail has been obsolete since January 2015, and has now been removed from the build distribution. We encourage everyone to upgrade to Workflow as soon as possible to remain up-to-date and have access to all of our newest features. First and foremost, version 4.9.9
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