How to Run Two HotFolders on One Windows Machine
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If your deployment requires multiple FileCatalyst HotFolders to run off the same machine, this article will walk you through the configuration steps. When running Multiple HotFolders on the same machine you must have the following prerequisites met:

  • Different administrative port number
  • Different Service Name
  • Different Display Service Name
  • Different Web Administrative Port



FileCatalyst HotFolder v3.4 and later.

Windows Environment.



  1. Installation of the FileCatalyst HotFolder

    1. The Installer will need to run two times. For each install you will need to specify two separate locations with unique names such as:

      • C:\Program Files\FileCatalyst HotFolder1\
      • C:\Program Files\HotFolder2\

    2. After the installers have completed, do not start the HotFolders right away.
    3. Start the second HotFolder (C:\Program Files\HotFolder2\FCHotFolder.exe).
    4. Change the Administrative Port (so it will not conflict with the first HotFolder). 
    5. Click on Administration and check the box to Enable Remote Administration of Service.
    6. Change the Port Value from 12505 to 13505, assuming that there is no other Service attached to this port.
    7. Click on File and select Exit FileCatalyst HotFolder.
    8. Open a text editor and edit the fchf.conf file. Using the path from step 1a, it will be located in C:\Program Files\HotFolder2\fchf.conf.
    9. Find the following section:

      # Name of the service

      Change this value to the following:

      # Display name of the service

    10. Save the file and close the editor.
  2. Installation of the Service

    1. Open the first HotFolder application in stand-alone mode using FCHotFolder.exe. This file will be located in C:\Program Files\FileCatalyst HotFolder1\FCHotFolder.exe.
    2. Click on the File menu and check Run at Startup.
    3. Open the File menu and select Exit FileCatalyst HotFolder.
    4. Repeat the last three steps for the second HotFolder located in C:\Program Files\FileCatalyst HotFolder2\.
    5. Once all the HotFolder Admin consoles are shut down, click on Start and open the Run command.
    6. Access the Service Manager by executing services.msc.
    7. Locate the FileCatalyst HotFolder services, you will see two separate entries with unique names.
    8. Start the services and use the FileCatalyst HotFolder Remote Admin applications to connect to them using their respective ports (12505 and 13505).