Upgrade Central on Linux
Posted by John Tkaczewski, Last modified by Aly Essa on 16 January 2018 09:04 AM


This article will discuss the procedure on how to upgrade FileCatalyst Central in a Linux Environment.



FileCatalyst Central v3.4 and later.

Linux Environment.



  1. Stop FileCatalyst Central

    If you are running FileCatalyst Central as standalone (e.g., running fc_central_start.sh or fc_central_stop.sh script), you need to first shut FileCatalyst Central down before executing an upgrade. The following commands can be used to shut the service down and verify that the processes are not running.

    1. In the Terminal execute the following command:


    2. Alternatively, if you are running the FileCatalyst Central as a service, you need to shut it down using the following command:

      service fc_central stop

    3. Verify the service is down by running:

      ps -ef | grep "filecatalyst"

  2. Backup Configuration

    The following files & directories should be copied into an Upgrade folder before overwriting with new files. Use the following command set:

    cd /opt/utechsoft/central/
    mkdir ./upgrade
    cp maconfig.conf ./upgrade
    cp -Rp .fcdb ./upgrade

  3. Install FileCatalyst

    After obtaining the new fc_central.tar.gz, it can be unpacked using the following command set:

    cd /opt/utechsoft/central
    gunzip fc_central.tar.gz
    tar –xvf fc_central.tar

  4. Restore Configuration

    Using the configuration files that were backed up, the service can be restored to your previous settings by performing the following:

    cp -rf /opt/utechsoft/central/upgrade/* /opt/utechsoft/central/

  5. Restart FileCatalyst Central.