How to Set The Expire Period for Workflow Download Links
Posted by Aly Essa, Last modified by Aly Essa on 08 June 2016 06:33 PM


A Workflow download link can be set to expire after a set number of days. In this article we will use the example of 1 day, however, this can be changed to reflect the expiry time your deployment requires.



FileCatalyst Workflow v4.8 and newer.

FileCatalyst Webmail v4.8 and newer.



To attach an expiry date to the download link we will need to create a Job Data Field, append it to a Form and set the expiry date.


Create Job Data Field:

1) Login to Workflow as Super Admin.

2) Click on Modify Configuration tab from the top menu bar.

3) Under the Job Configuration section, click on the Job Data Fields link.

4) On the right side of the page, you will see a dialog that will let you add a new field.

5) Fill out the Field ID, Display Label and select “expireupload” from the drop down list. For this article we used:

Field ID: JobExpiry

Display Label: Job Expiry

6) Hit Add New and do not forget to hit Save.


Adding the Job Expiry Data Field to the Form:

1) Click on Modify Configuration.

2) Under the Job Configuration section, click on the Order Forms link.

3) For this example, we will use the Distribution Form. Hit the “+ beside it to expand the contents.

4) Click on Form 1.

5) When you land on the Edit Form #1 page, look for the Fields section, in the drop-down menu select Job Expiry and hit Add Field.

6) Check the Hidden Box for this specific field and hit Submit.

7) You will be taken back to the Edit Forms page, hit Save to apply the settings.


Configuring the Expire Jobs after 1 day:

1) Go back to the Edit Forms page.

2) Expand the form you were editing, for this example, it's the Distribution form.

3) There is a text field labelled Days before upload expires:,  enter a whole number of days to set the length of time.

4) Hit Save.