User List is Empty After an Upgrade from Server v3.0.1 or older
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When upgrading FileCatalyst Server from v3.0.1 or older to Server v3.1 or later, the FileCatalyst Server will automatically attempt to import the users from the users.xml file to the new user database. If after the upgrade or migration the user list in not populating with the previously created users when the FileCatalyst Server is started, this may indicate a failed user database import.

Some symptoms of a failed user database import are:

  • After completing an upgrade of a FileCatalyst Server the user list is unpopulated or does not contain the full list of user accounts.
  • Checking in the fcconf.conf file the  value is set to trueThis flag indicates that the import of the users.xml file to the .fcdb/ file has been executed.

Back up your old configuration files from the FileCatalyst Server v3.0 or older. The specific files are:

  • users.xml
  • ipfilters.xml
  • authentication.xml
  • fcconf.conf


FileCatalyst Server older than v3.0.1.



  1. Shut down the FileCatalyst Server stand-alone application or service.
  2. Navigate to the install directory of the FileCatalyst Server.
  3. Open up the fcconf.conf file in a text editor.
  4. Locate the property:

    Set it to false.

  5. Save the configuration file and close the text editor.
  6. Copy the users.xml file, ipfilters.xml and authentication.xml from your backups paste them it into the installation folder for FileCatalyst Server, overwriting files as needed.
  7. Restart the FileCatalyst Server stand-alone application or service.



  • Starting in FileCatalyst Server v3.1, the authentication.xml and users.xml information is now stored in an internal database file in the directory .fcdb/, this directory can be hidden in your filesystem.