FileCatalyst Workflow File Transmittal List
Posted by Aly Essa on 05 August 2016 01:58 PM


The distribution form on FileCatalyst Workflow allows any user to submit a job and add multiple email addresses to the sender list. An administrator of the Workflow deployment can view who has accessed or downloaded the files from the email link. This feature is not shown by default, however, it can be added to the Manage Jobs page easily. The list will show the administrator or an admin user 

The list uses a red x or a green check mark to denote whether those specific email addresses have tried to access the download page. Follow the steps in the Resolution section to add this checklist to the Manage Jobs page.


FileCatalyst Workflow v4.9.6 and later.


To deploy this solution you will need to access the FileCatalyst Workflow deployment as the Super Admin User. Use the following guide to add the Job Transmittal list to the Manage Jobs page:

  1. Login to the FileCatalyst Workflow deployment as the Super Admin User. By default, the username is init and the password is aaaaa.
  2. Navigate to the Manage Jobs page from the top menu bar.
  3. At the top of the Job List, click on Add a field. Select Download Transmittal List from the list, a new column populated with email addresses will appear.


The steps outlined in the Resolution can also be applied to an Admin user accounts and Regular user accounts as well. For Regular User accounts the Manage Jobs page can be found by clicking View Jobs.