Nodes Appear Offline After FileCatalyst Central Upgrade
Posted by Aly Essa, Last modified by Aly Essa on 27 June 2019 03:13 PM


Clients who upgrade FileCatalyst Central to v3.7.3 build 22 may experience nodes not coming online after the upgrade. Central uses a field called Listener IP which is set on various nodes (FileCatalyst Server, TransferAgent and HotFolder). This address is used to connect the node to your Central deployment. 

In the latest release of Central, we have corrected a known issue which impacts the Listener IP field and could pose as a product defect. For example, you have multiple IPs on the Central machine 192.* and 172.* and the 192.* address is specified on Central as the Listener IP.  Your nodes can only have one IP (e.g. 172.*) specified on the (Server/HotFolder/TransferAgent) node machine. When the node comes online and tries to connect to the Central deployment, this will fail as you have 172.* specified on the node and Central is accepting communication on the 192.* NIC.


FileCatalyst Central v3.7.3 build 22 (only)


  1. Connect to the Central deployment.
  2. Log in using your Admin account.
  3. Access the drop-down list on the top right and select the Configuration cog.
  4. In the Remote Connections Configuration section locate the Listener IP drop down and select the IP you would like to use and specify it on the node (Server/HotFolder/TransferAgent).

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