Service Error Message in Ubuntu 18 for FileCatalyst Applications
Posted by Aly Essa on 04 December 2019 12:29 PM

Most FileCatalyst Applications can be run in a headless Linux environment and registered as a system service. In older versions of Ubuntu the service for the application was started and stopped using:

service <app-service-name> start/stop/status

Between Ubuntu v16 and v18, the underlying system completely migrated over to using systemctl rather than service commands to control services. Our service installation/uninstallation scripts have been updated for v3.8.
This is still an issue for all older builds where the client might see the following issues:

- the installation script finishes with a warning and the service command does not recognize and can't start the service, or
- the service command recognizes the service and can start and stop them but it will not start automatically on boot, or
- the service fails to start


Ubuntu v18.X
FileCatalyst Direct Suite v3.7.3 and older.


For clients who wish to install our versions of our FileCatalyst Direct Suite older than v3.8 on Ubuntu 18 the following commands will need to be used:

1. systemctl daemon-reload 
2. systemctl enable <app-service-name>
3. systemctl start/stop/status <app-service-name>

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