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FileCatalyst Workflow and Webmail Log Location
Posted by Aly Essa, Last modified by Jeyram Sachchithananthan on 03 May 2021 04:59 PM


Logs are one of the critical pieces of information requested by FileCatalyst Support. Below is a list of those viewed as most useful from a support perspective and their default locations. If support has requested logs for a given event please remember that they are rotated every 24 hours at the time set in the configuration file and archived with the dates shown in the name.


FileCatalyst Workflow v4.9 and later.

FileCatalyst Webmail v4.9 and later.


Note: The following log locations are shown for FileCatalyt Workflow, if you would like to see them for FileCatalyst Webmail, replace the Workflow entries with name of the name of the Webmail folder.

FileCatalyst Workflow:

  1. Web Server Logs:

    • Windows Location<path to Tomcat>\logs\ 
    • Linux Location: /opt/tomcat/logs/ or <tomcat_home>/logs/
    • Mac OSX Location: <path to tomcat_home>/logs/

      • tomcatX-stderr.<yyyy-mm-dd>.log
      • tomcatX-stdout.<yyyy-mm-dd>.log
      • catalina.<yyyy-mm-dd>.log

        These logs will show us issues with the Tomcat Web Server and its service. Any errors or exceptions that are caught by the Tomcat engine will be stored in these files.

  2. FileCatalyst Workflow Application Logs:

    • Windows Location<path to Tomcat>\webapps\logs\workflow\
    • Linux Location: /opt/tomcat/webapps/logs/workflow or <tomcat_home>/webapps/logs/workflow/
    • Mac OSX Location: <path to tomcat_home>/webapps/logs/workflow/

      • webapp.log
      • system.log
      • user.log
      • ftpclient.log
      • ftpservlet.log

        This is a catch-all log, it will contain more granular information about the FileCatalyst Workflow deployment, file transfers and the background process that launch.

  3. Internal FTP Session Logs:

    • Windows Location:  <path to>\workflow-config\FTPSessionLogs\
    • Linux Location: <path to>/workflow-config/FTPSessionLogs
    • Mac OSX Location:  <path to>/workflow-config/FTPSessionLogs

      • The path to the Workflow-Config logs can be found on the About FileCatalyst page of the FileCatalyst Workflow deployment.
      • Format <user><JobID><YY:mm:dd>_<hh:mm:ss>.log