FileCatalyst Direct 3.7.2 Released
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 02 April 2018 10:47 AM

We are very pleased to announce the release of FileCatalyst Direct v3.7.2. We have included over 30 new features and several stability and feature bug fixes. Please visit our release notes for the detailed list of all the changes.

Here are some of the highlights for this version:

  • We have integrated more administrative features into our HotFolder and Server HTML5 admins, including the ability to monitor transfers details in real-time using our HTML Activity View. The new admins are: written in HTML5, visually engaging and will work from any modern web browser. Please note that we will be discontinuing all legacy Swing UI Admin features in the near future. We encourage everyone to get familiar with, and start using, the new HTML Admins.
  • With the Express Desktop App officially discontinued, we moved all its functionality to FileCatalyst TransferAgent. In the latest build of TransferAgent, users can create sites and login to any FileCatalyst Server, even if that server license doesn't support TransferAgent. ¬†As long as the connection is made from the TransferAgent system tray and not the deployment package, the connections will be allowed.
  • TransferAgent now comes with a silent installer that helps with automated deployments across large enterprise environments.
  • We have improved and simplified all TransferAgent in-line installer prompts and dialogs. Users will find the TransferAgent Plugin installation a much easier experience.
  • We added support for per GB billing, removing the need to purchase a perpetual license for short term projects.
  • We added a simple HTTP upload tool. End users are no longer required to install the TransferAgent Plugin to upload files to the server.
  • Our LINK feature now supports the creation of expiring links, including one-time successful download.
  • We have added the ability to download files sent using LINK via HTTP, greatly expanding usability when sending files in an ad-hoc manner.
  • In FileCatalyst HotFolder, we added the ability to view the list of files still to be transferred, as well as the ability put a file on top of that list.
  • We added compatibility for new cloud storage drivers including Oracle and Google.
  • We added several new diagnostics tools to streamline communication with our help desk.

You can learn more about FileCatalyst 3.7.2 in our upcoming  webinar that our Co-Founder and President John Tkaczewski will be giving On April 24th at 10AM. Click here to register.