FileCatalyst Direct v3.5 now available
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 31 July 2015 01:00 PM

In addition to the blazing fast transfer speeds, reliability, and secure data transfer that users of FileCatalyst Direct have come to expect, FileCatalyst Direct 3.5 now also offers:

- Amazon S3 Integration
A new External File System feature allows users direct access to Amazon S3 cloud storage.

- More Dynamic File Support
A Dynamic Files option expands our support for growing files: files can be transferred as they grow, a user can wait until the growth of a file is complete before transferring, or a user can re-transfer deltas that have changed once the transfer is complete.

- Simplified Installation
FileCatalyst 3.5 simplifies the install process for Mac OSX and removes the reliance on 3rd party plugins.  FileCatalyst TransferAgent has also been been enhanced with easier deployment, and navigation features.

- Improved AIX support
FileCatalyst 3.5 can now move your files from your IBM AIX servers to anywhere in the world, including the cloud.

- Improved Central Management
With new REST API, more alarms and a new GWT client, FileCatalyst Central is ready for managing even your most complicated content delivery problems.

Click here to view the release notes.