FileCatalyst Workflow v4.9.7 is ready to ship
Posted by John Tkaczewski on 03 November 2016 05:01 PM

FileCatalyst Workflow version 4.9.7 is here! It has been just a little over 6 months since our last update of this product (v4.9.6 came out in May 2016). So let's quickly recap what's new. This version will have new features in Workflow only, Webmail is now discontinued! FileCatalyst Webmail has been obsolete since January 2015, so it should no longer be a surprise that Webmail is no longer supported. We encourage everyone to upgrade to Workflow ASAP to remain up-to-date. Click here for upgrade instructions from Webmail to Workflow.

Here is a short list of what we changed:

  • We simplified the in-line installer of TransferAgent; admin rights are no longer required to install TransferAgent.
  • We added video preview to all video files sent to a recipient via an email link. The video preview uses FFMPEG as the encoder.
  • We added a "Strict Security". The strict security creates temporary users for any upload/download functionality which even further isolates the end user from the ROOT of the FTP Site. This feature requires all the FC/FTP Servers to be FileCatalyst v3.6build33 or higher. We encourage all our clients to enable this feature as soon as possible.
  • We made several improvements to LDAP/Active Directory integration with the address book.
  • We improved the native Form Upload with support for reserved characters and UTF-8 characters in the file name.
  • We updated certificate for Java Applets, the new certificate will expire on Sept. 29 2019.
  • All the temporary files from form uploads can now be stored in a separate path and not necessarily under Tomcat.